Chinese School Slammed for Backwards‘Women’s Morality’ Classes

Chinese School Slammed for Backwards‘Women’s Morality’ Classes
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A government-certified school in Fushun, China, has been condemned for its backwards “women’s morality” classes.

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The Fushan Traditional Culture and Education School, which opened in 2011, has been exposed in an investigation by Pear Video.

The media company claims that the classes, intended to teach Chinese women how to be “virtuous ladies”, relay to students that they should be house-bound, submissive and not pursue any interests outside of their husband’s and children’s lives.

In addition, women who have behaved badly in the past by skipping housework, watching porn, wearing heavy makeup and having more than one boyfriend are forced to kowtow on a stage to repent for their sins.

Women are also reportedly told they must “live at the bottom of society” and never seek divorce.

One video clip appears to show a woman kneeling on a stage in front of her fellow students and repenting for watching porn, while another video shows a woman being scolded by a teacher for ordering takeaway instead of cooking.

One teacher told the women to live like “hens” and be concerned only with baring and rearing children.

The investigation by Pear Video reports that the students do eight hours of labor each day after getting up at 4:40am.

It claims women are often sent to the school by their husbands or parents, although some choose to go of their own accord as tuition is free.

Since the release of the report the school has been heavily criticized by both the public and the media.

New Weekly magazine said the facility is reversing a century-long fight for gender equality, while Beijing News called the school an insult to China’s modern ethos.

Fushan’s education authority is yet to comment.

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