Chinese Drivers’ License Accidentally Call Everyone Hermaphrodites

Chinese Drivers’ License Accidentally Call Everyone Hermaphrodites
Jul 13, 2016 By

There are three things that are wrong with Chinese drivers’ licenses that have been recently pointed out by foreigners online.

The first issue is that instead of M/F the term for gender is translated to M&F. A Canadian named Darryl pointed this out and added that it calls all Chinese people with drivers’ licenses hermaphrodites.

The second issue is that the English translate of “date of birth” is “birthday.” Your birthday happens every year and is not the same as the date you were born.

The third issue is that the licenses are formatted badly. Personal data should be separated from the issue date, serial number, type of license and period of validity. The photo should be in one of the top corners because when you look at someone’s license, you look at the photo first to make sure it is them. For Chinese licenses, you end of reading all the data first, then looking at the photo.


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Yeah...and they pipe Christmas music into malls and restaurants during summer, too. And they say we don't understand them.

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Fake is better than the original! Remember that!

Jul 14, 2016 17:18 Report Abuse



this is so big!

Jul 14, 2016 16:29 Report Abuse



Who cares?

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China stoled the software for passports when dumbass clinton had the passports outsourced to thailand for printing, maybe China is stealing software for drivers license at a state DMV office as we speak. I'm sure they will copy paste and fix the problem.

Jul 13, 2016 20:48 Report Abuse