Chinese Disabled Youth Survey: 30% Not Attending School

Chinese Disabled Youth Survey: 30% Not Attending School
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The Chinese Youth Research Center has published a report called “Disabled Youth Development and Requirements”, which concludes that China’s disabled youth are missing out on education.

73% of China’s disabled youth have attended school or are currently attending school, but 27% have never attended school. Intelligence levels and the extent of disability are the main reasons quoted as being an obstacle to disabled youths attending school.

The report also states that of the disabled youngsters receiving education, 73.3% of people are in regular classes attending regular schools, 21.4% are in special education studying, and 3.3% are attending a regular school but taking special classes there.

Resources for special education are insufficient, and a lot of pupils live far from school. Some of the students are able to attend normal schools while receiving special educations. The survey showed that normal schools’ disabled students are not successful when attending normal schools.

Source: Xinhua

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I had one student last year that clearly had a learning disability but was told that the Chinese do not get their children diagnosed and no accommodations are made for the students because they did not want to lose face. I have only been to 1 school in China that is wheel chair accessible, and that was an international school that only took students with foreign passports.

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