Chinese-British Bigamy Saga Concludes; Results in Scattered Family

Chinese-British Bigamy Saga Concludes; Results in Scattered Family
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Marry and Jerry are a 49- and 48-year-old married couple from the UK who have four daughters. To look after the kids, Marry quit her job as an accountant and became a full-time housewife, while Jerry came to China in September 2005 to work in the freight industry. In November that year, Jerry told his wife that he had set up an office and a garage, and that a Chinese woman named Luo Ting was taking care of everything for him. Jerry stated that he met Luo on the street on day in Guangzhou while he was out office hunting, and that she introduced herself an agent for African men doing trade and tourism business in the area.

In December, Marry visited Guangzhou with their eldest daughter, and met Luo Ting, who knew that Jerry was married with four kids.Afterwards, Jerry continued to work in Guangzhou with his business while Marry returned to the UK to look after the kids. When Jerry visited the UK in October 2010, his wife discovered a recording on his computer of Jerry and Luo Ting referring to each other as husband and wife. She also found intimate pictures of them, and could see from the photos that Luo was pregnant.

After copying the evidence, Marry confronted Jerry about the adultery, with Jerry simply stating that he thought it was perfectly normal.He soon flew back to China. Luo soon gave birth to Jerry’s child, with Jerry and Luo refusing to speak with Marry at the time.

In March 2012, Marry returned to Guangzhou once again, and began reporting the case to the local police. At the beginning of 2013, the authorities filed the case, with Jerry and Luo Ting coming under investigation for bigamy. Luo is currently awaiting permission to raise the child pending a trial. Once Jerry was found guilty, he was subsequently banned from being in China due to his criminal record, with Luo Ting also being barred from entering the UK for the same reasons.

Marry stated that despite her intentions to teach Jerry a lesson, she felt regret and never wanted any harm to come to Jerry. However, as Marry didn’t drop charges, any appeals by both parties will not result in any further investigations or retrials.

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The low-life bastard got what he deserved. It makes no difference whether a foreign or domestic bigamist is caught and/or prosecuted. We all know Chinese men have had their mistresses for thousands of years and so have foreigners. However, 21st Century Chinese women and courts are slowly starting to catch-up with the rest of the world and Chinese men are slowly getting their asses kicked in divorce cases by modern thinking women who are tired of this crap. Good riddance to another trashy foreigner. Now... why doesn't the PSB in Guangzhou get rid of all the thousands of trashy Africans there illegally with no Visa and selling drugs and pimping Chinese girls especially around the Garden Hotel area and other parts of the city? Maybe the PRC kissing Africa's ass?

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Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why so this is different and more newsworthy than all those Chinese men who have mistresses and children to those women.

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