China’s New Export to the US: Air Pollution

China’s New Export to the US: Air Pollution
Jan 23, 2014 By

The US’ National Academy of Sciences has published a report which shows that the current state of LA’s air quality can be blamed on China. China’s poor air quality has been in international debate for quite some time, and calls for Beijing to take action are intensifying now that it is affecting other countries.

First Japan was a victim of the drifting smog, after which it continued over the Pacific Ocean and landed on the shores of the west coast of the US. LA already had the worst air quality of all American cities but this new development has lead to hazardous levels on at least ‘one extra day a year’.

It seems that air pollution is the latest product, in a long line of others, that China is exporting to the US.

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I find the article hard to believe. The pacific ocean is very large. On the other hand it could be said that "China's air pollution stretches across the planet equally."

Jan 25, 2014 22:13 Report Abuse



Haha, very true...well, you know how these "reports" can be from these so-called "institutions and other would-be-report-generating agencies"...

Jan 26, 2014 12:10 Report Abuse



At least it's free!

Jan 24, 2014 09:02 Report Abuse