China to Fill In After Russian Ban of US and EU Food Imports

China to Fill In After Russian Ban of US and EU Food Imports
Aug 14, 2014 By

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China will begin selling fruit and vegetables directly to Russia after it announced a ban on food imports from the US and EU earlier this month. There are also plans to set up a new logistics center in Dongning County on the far eastern Sino-Russian border to help realise this new project.

Whether Russia knows or cares about China’s appalling food safety record and food pollution problems isn’t clear, but the ban on imports from the EU, US, Australia and Canada is expected to be a huge blow to the export markets of these countries, particularly the EU which is set to estimated losses of up to 1.6 billion USD.

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In fact, the loss of western suppliers will be much larger. When they after one year (this is the term of russian embargo) will try to return to Russian market and restore their business tyes with importing companies, they will found out their position is occupied by other suppliers (from China, Brasil and so on). Business is like a woman: if you leave her for long period she will find another friend and you will have to wait till they divorce.

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