China Releases Detained Swedish Rights Activist Peter Dahlin

China Releases Detained Swedish Rights Activist Peter Dahlin
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Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstorm announced Monday that detained rights activist Peter Dahlin had been released by the Chinese government. Dahlin had been arrested in early January on charges of “threatening Chinese national security.”

Dahlin had been living in Beijing at the time of his arrest and was the founder of Chinese Urgent Action Working Group (China Action). Chinese media has reported that China Action was not officially registered or filed with any of the relevant departments. China Action is an arm of Hong Kong’s Joint Development Institute Ltd (JDI) and did not have the right to engage in business in Mainland China. The company also used offshore account to accept foreign capital and used the funds for activities within Mainland China.

A tape of Dahlin confessing to his crimes has been released by the Chinese government. Dahlin said that JDI was registered in Hong Kong but operated in Mainland China despite not having the right to do so.

He said in his confession that his reports on human rights in China did not reflect the real situation in China, and that he cannot guarantee that his reports are true.

Foreign Minister Wallstorm said Dahlin’s release was the result of close cooperation between the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Chinese government.


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most likely he said whatever he had to to save his co-workers who didn't have deportation as an option. In other word, he took all the blame so his friends could get off for free. As Solzhenistysn said, "A man who flinches at nothing will say anything to save his friends and family."

Jan 28, 2016 13:11 Report Abuse



Threat to national security = threat to CCP power.

Jan 28, 2016 10:11 Report Abuse



Yep, The Chinese government pushed him to say what they want! I am sure his reports are 100% right, because only governement officials in china has rights. Other people don't. You can not beat the system, especially in a country like China

Jan 28, 2016 08:29 Report Abuse



Dahlin's release was the result of him lying to save his skin, and the Chinese not wanting him to be able to validate his reports with first hand experience

Jan 27, 2016 21:27 Report Abuse



"The company accepted offshore capital and used the funds in Mainland China." --- Spending money to help Chinese people. What a dastardly crime. The correct recipients of charity are rich, fat, arrogant Communist pigs. Showing compassion to poor people "threatens national security" and can cause widespread panic and nuclear reactor meltdowns.

Jan 27, 2016 18:48 Report Abuse