Calls for Deportation After Expat Smokes on China Subway

Calls for Deportation After Expat Smokes on China Subway
Feb 27, 2018 By

Chinese netizens have reacted with calls for violence and deportation after a video emerged of a British man smoking on a Beijing subway.

The video was taken by Beijing resident Jia, who took the footage on his phone on Friday before posting it to social media platform Weibo.

The video shows the young male expat trading profanities in English with fellow passengers as he’s told to put his cigarette out.

Jia said one passenger even unsuccessfully tried to snatch the cigarette out of the foreigner’s hand.

A passenger can be heard telling the man to go back to his own country, a sentiment echoed in the online comments the video attracted.

Others call the man “foreign trash” and “white trash” and advocate violence against him.

“Just choke him from behind,” suggests one commentator; "The group of you should beat him together,” says another; “he should be beaten to death,” says one of the most extreme.

Another commentator suggests that nothing could have been done as foreigners are favoured by Chinese law enforcement.

“Foreigners are ranked first, then the officials, then the minorities, and last are the Han (the major ethnicity of China),” one netizen suggests.

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I detest this sort of behavior. It is very disrespectful to smoke in such a closed space. That being said, I think reasonable actions should be taken against this offender. In my area, local people frequently smoke in building elevators and other places where smoking is prohibited. I have even occasionally heard locals getting on to these people.

Mar 28, 2018 17:52 Report Abuse



what is wrong with people in this country? making vidoes of things that happen that they do not lke and advocating mass violence? It is immature, pathetic and downright xenophobia at its some a hole smokes on a metro train? big deal, let the officials who work for the station sort it out as would happen in other countries - even planet China has the standard no smoking sign on the trains like everyone else does....but do not forget that in China its okay for some a hole local China man to smoke in a supermarket or restaurant or a bar if they feel like it. It is okay if they do it. If a China man did this, probably no one would say anything, but it is a foreigner so lets all feel insulted, call him trash and act like a bunch of racists idiots (again). On the broader issue, when some Chinese a hole urinates outside the Louvre, or acts in a foul manner abroad, as many do why not just sling them in jail. Deported for smoking on a metro train? Do me a favour, you clueless weibo racists. Get a life and stop making videos of foreigners.

Feb 28, 2018 12:07 Report Abuse



He's making us good Brits look bad. One wonders why he was allowed into China with an attitude like that. makes me ashamed to be a Brit...

Feb 28, 2018 10:12 Report Abuse



This is the worst type of foreigner. He does not respect the logical rule that is even in Britain. He needs to be disciplined but the comments shouted are inappropriate as well, by both parties involved. An embarrassment to all British people, this man is & not the type we expats or Chinese people want here.

Feb 28, 2018 00:18 Report Abuse