Brief Intro to Nanning Dining

Brief Intro to Nanning Dining

The food of Guangxi province is classified as Cantonese cuisine, although the city of Nanning is not particularly known for its culinary offerings. That, however, does not mean that the region is without its own specialties. Characterized as fresh, delicate, cool, nutritious and (gulp) slippery, Nanning cuisine is unique in that it incorporates the traditional dishes of many southern minority groups such as the Yao, Miao, Dong and Zhang people.

For the exotic food lover, Nanning is a haven of peculiar - and sometimes scandalous - treats. Crispy, whole baby pigeons, snake and dog meat, and fried river snails all make frequent appearances on local menus. Famous Nanning meals include drunken squab, Qingchang fish, dog hotpot (gourou huoguo), fried duck with lemon (ningmengya) and rice wrapped in lotus leaf (heye mifan).

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