Brief Intro to Nanchang Dining

Brief Intro to Nanchang Dining

Jiangxi cuisine (Gan cuisine) is regarded as the major cuisine of Nanchang. Aside from beimg delicious, the food is characterized as tender, crip and fragrant with some of the dishes being salty but not hot. Jiangxi cuisine is not considered one of the major cuisines of China, but plays an important role in Chinese food culture. Although, its popularity is diminishing some of its specialty dishes are still popular throughout the land and showcased in many of the major Nanchang's restaurants and shops. At present, Nanchang is considered the home of the new Jiangxi cuisine such as Three Cup Chicken, Steamed Pork Slices with Glutinous Rice and Cured Meat with Wild Artemisia Selengensis. These dishes are characterized not only for its preparation process but also for its local ingredients.

Visitors coming to Nanchang have alternatives to try many of the local delicacies as well as the local snacks in many of the shops that can be found along the streets of Nanchang. When coming to Nanchang, try some of the local sancks including fried dough twist and other delicious snacks.

The city of Nanchang is dotted with many restaurants that specialize in many of the local dishes, but some of the favorite dishes that are served in restaurants across the land.

Ruzi Food Street
Named after Xu Zhi, a celebrity during the Eastern Han Dynasty, Ruzi Road is famous for its restaurants. This street appears to fit the greatest restaurants in one place. There are a wide variety of national and international restaurants here, such as Mingjian Restaurant, Zhenzhen Restaurant, Changjia Restaurant, Jade Rabbit, God of Dining, Yiping Hall, Lüyin Pavilion and the SPR Coffee flagship café. And last, but not least, there are naturally Jiangxi flavor restaurants. If you want to taste the local food, this street is always the first recommendation.

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