Brief Intro to Jinan Dining

Brief Intro to Jinan Dining

Jinan's ancient territory borders the sea, mountains and plains. There was (and still is) a variety of produce and meat from all of these regions available in the city, allowing for a unique and diverse cuisine to develop. As the style gained prominence it spread northwards, and had a significant impact on Chinese Imperial cuisine.

A wide variety of seafood and meat is available, and both are equally loved by locals. A favorite flavoring is onions, and these can be found flavoring a significant proportion of dishes from Jinan. Some of the most famous local dishes are sweet and sour yellow river carp, scallion flavored sea cucumber and roast pork intestine.

Food Street
Jingshiyilu Food Street

A gathering point for gourmands wishing to sample food from all the major regions of China; Sichuan, Huai, Yue and other styles of restaurant can all be found along Jingshiyilu, as well as a number of snack places.

Quanchenglu Food Street
Restaurants serving authentic Jinan food are interspersed with KFC and Pizza Hut along this street, but the choices for local food are great.

Foshanjie Food Street
The specialty on this street is heat. Spicy dishes abound, and it is a haven for Sichuan lovers. For those who prefer to eat somewhat less face-meltingly hot dishes, these can be found at the Western and Koren restaurants that can also be found along Foshanjie.

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