Beijing Says Heavy Air Pollution Should End in the Capital By February 27

Beijing Says Heavy Air Pollution Should End in the Capital By February 27
Feb 24, 2014 By

China’s Capital has now been the ‘victim’ of bad air pollution for the last 5 days straight. On Saturday, February 22, the air quality was 11 times that of the legal limit set by the World Health Organization.

Beijing’s Meteorological Department says that the current batch of smog should dissipate within the next 90 hours. Meaning hopefully by Thursday the city will be livable again.

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give me a break. you gotta be kidding. just because there are a few clean days does it mean we can just forget the other bad days? 550 aqi is just too bad. yea i know what youre going to say. Leave. and I did i encourage all my foreign friends to make their ways to smaller cities and let those unhappy punks on the train with their phones to rot in toxic fumes. long live southern china air :) nba!!

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