Average Height and Weight of Chinese Increase

Average Height and Weight of Chinese Increase
Jun 30, 2015 By eChinacities.com

The vice-chairmen of China’s Health and Family Planning Commission issued a statement saying that the average height and weight of Chinese people have both increased since 2002. 

Currently the average height for adult males is 167.1 cm and the average height for adult females is 155.8 cm. Average weights are 66.2 kg for males and 57.3 kg for females.

30.1% of people 18 years and older are overweight, and 11.9% are obese. These numbers are 7.3% and 4.8% higher than they were in 2002. 

For minors between 6 and 17 years of age, 9.6% are overweight, and 6.4% are obese. These numbers have increased by 5.1% and 4.3% from 2002.

Source: view.inews.qq.com

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The younguns at the better middle/high schools tend to be mssive in both height and girth, I wanted to start a rugby team but the staff was against it

Jul 05, 2015 18:18 Report Abuse



Good news for the ladies as taller height means longer you know what.

Jul 01, 2015 09:18 Report Abuse



The average height in China for adult males is not 167cm. From where I see it it seems closer to about 173cm..

Jun 30, 2015 23:13 Report Abuse



Just my generalized two cents but ppl south of nanjing tend to be shorter and north of shanghai tend to be taller

Jul 03, 2015 00:25 Report Abuse



more revealing would be their average IQ, EQ, moral integrity, civilised behaviors, manners.....directly proportional to the size of their economy which they are so proud of? lol

Jun 30, 2015 22:46 Report Abuse



In some ways its an improvement over being starvation skinny, more disposable income and choice. But too many ppl making bad choices leads to obesity and other health problems. But on the up side perhaps us laowai will actually be able to find clothes that fit us in the future!

Jun 30, 2015 22:38 Report Abuse



By emulating all of the most superficial aspects of America they are repeating its worst mistakes. Obesity is on the rise.

Jun 30, 2015 20:31 Report Abuse