Asia’s Largest Ski Resort Opens in Inner Mongolia

Asia’s Largest Ski Resort Opens in Inner Mongolia
Nov 25, 2013 By

On November 23, the Meilin Valley Ski Resort – Asia’s largest ski resort – is now open for business in Kalaqinqi, City of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. This ski resort has a total area of 400,000 square kilometers, with ski trails of around 70 km in combined length. The site includes trails for experts, average skiers and novices, as well as having two toboggan runs and a ski lift. All facilities are now in operation.

Where: Meilin Town, Kalaqinqi, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Tel: 0476 3962 888
When: 9:00-17:00
How much: Usually 90 RMB/two hours, weekends 120 RMB/two hours, New Year’s Eve and Spring Festival 160 RMB/two hours. All day pass usually 240 RMB, 360 RMB on weekends, 390 RMB on New Year’s Eve and Spring Festival. More pricing available here
Getting there: Take a car from the city of Chifeng

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And of course the whole dumb website is all in characters, no English or any other support. Typical... can't see this place attracting many international visitors. Also, how is the airpollution up there? I hear it's pretty dire.

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