Antibiotic Resistance a Growing Problem in China

Antibiotic Resistance a Growing Problem in China
May 23, 2016 By

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On May 21, the World Health Organization published an article calling for nations to deal with global antibiotic resistance. The article quoted UK’s Sir Jim O’Neill, who recently published a related article on antibiotic resistance. O’Neill stated that by 2050, antibiotic resistance will cause 100 million deaths a year. If left unchecked, antibiotic resistance will lead to total economic losses of $100 trillion.

The article stated that if effective measures are not taken in China for antibiotic resistance it will cause 10 million deaths a year by 2050 and cost China $20 trillion.

48% of antibiotics in China are used on people. The rest are generally used in agricultural and animal husbandry. China’s growing antibiotic resistance problem stems partially from the available of non-prescription antibiotics and the nation’s over-reliance on antibiotics to promote growth and control infections in livestock.


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I believe this is a worldwide problem.

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if it's the problem, why would steps be taken "for" it...

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Now if I can only find that fast forward button

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