A Newly Opened Volcanic Mountain in Indonesia Attracts Over 1.79 Million Chinese Tourists

A Newly Opened Volcanic Mountain in Indonesia Attracts Over 1.79 Million Chinese Tourists
Aug 15, 2016 By eChinacities.com

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China is the third largest supplier of tourists to Indonesia. Looking to maximize on that potential, the Indonesian government is working closely with travel agencies in China to develop and expand new and existing travel routes—to include Indonesian locales that offer something unique for travelers.

According to the Indonesia Tourism Bureau, tourists from China can be expected to reach over 2 million this year, while 1.79 million visited in 2015 after the implementation of visa waivers for travelers from China. This year in addition to exotic resort islands, Indonesia has opened up Anak Krakatu, an active volcanic mountain in the hopes of attracting more tourists from China. Unique travel routes that describe themes such as transplanting of coral reefs and hand-painting of UNESCO cultural heritage batik also beckon eager visitors.

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