86 People Caught in Blizzard at Everest Base Camp on October 14

86 People Caught in Blizzard at Everest Base Camp on October 14
Oct 17, 2013 By eChinacities.com

Eighty-six people were caught in a blizzard at the Everest base camp in Tingri County on October 14. Thirteen foreigners were among them. It is believed that the Bay of Bengal cyclone “Phailin” caused heavy snowfall in Xigaze, south west Tibet, on October 13, likely causing the blizzard.

On the night of October 14, rescuers were sent to the site where snow fall had reached 70-80 cm; luckily all those trapped were successfully rescued. There were no causalities and by 09:30 on October 15 all tourists had been safely transferred to Tingri city.

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