‘Dungeon Master’ Saga Finally Ends, With His Execution

‘Dungeon Master’ Saga Finally Ends, With His Execution
Jan 23, 2014 By eChinacities.com

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The last chapter in one of China’s more tragic and eye-catching stories in recent memory has been completed. Li Hao, a man from central China, was convicted of ‘murder, rape, illegal detention, organized prostitution and manufacturing pornography for profit’. This comes after Li dug a hole under is house and kept six women there whom he repeatedly raped, sold as prostitutes and made pornographic videos of. He also coerced some of the women to kill the others.

Li was sentenced to death 12 months ago and was finally executed on Tuesday January 21. A somber moment in China’s recent history.

Source: xinhuanet.com

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the bugger must have create the HUNGER GAMEs..for them...

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A Chinese man who killed two of six women held as sex slaves in his basement has been executed. Former clerk Li Hao, 36, from the central province of Henan was put to death after being convicted of "murder, rape, illegal detention, organised prostitution and manufacturing pornography for profit", the state news agency Xinhua reported. In 2009, Li dug a "dungeon" in his basement where he imprisoned and repeatedly raped the six women for periods ranging from between two and 21 months. Seven metal doors had been installed to stop them escaping. Five of the women were prostitutes whom he had tricked into his prison by soliciting their services, and one was selling birth control products, the People's Daily website reported. The victims were aged between 16 and 23. One, who was 20 at the time of kidnap, became pregnant, the website revealed. Li forced three of the women to kill two of the others - one was strangled and another died after being repeatedly beaten, the reports said. One woman who participated in both murders was sentenced to three years' prison while the rest were put on probation. In 2011 Li had his surviving captives make obscene videos online and have sex with customers. He spent two weeks a month with the women while telling his wife he worked nights as a guard, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported in 2011. Li was caught in September that year after one captive escaped and went to the police.

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It doesn't mention it in this article but when I read about it on the BBC news website there was another detail. Two of the women were sentenced for murder. I think that was unfair considering the man made them do it.

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