30 World Cities With the Worst Traffic Announced: 10 are in China

30 World Cities With the Worst Traffic Announced: 10 are in China
Apr 07, 2015 By eChinacities.com

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Dutch GPS provider TomTom recently posted a list of the world's most traffic congested cities. Beijing came in at number 15 on the list, and many other mainland Chinese cities were included in the top 30.  TomTom created the list by taking into account traffic conditions in 218 cities in 36 countries around the world. It seems that with increased car ownership in China, Chinese traffic conditions are worse than ever. In many cities on the list, drivers spend more than twice the time commuting during evening rush hour than they would in a less congested city. The worst times to drive in a city with bad traffic, however, are during morning rush hour and Friday evening rush hour.

Chongqing has the worst traffic conditions in China. The city's population has tripled since the 1990s and the roads just can't keep up. Chongqing has many rivers and mountains which means the city has numerous bridges and narrow roads, a recipe for disastrous traffic.

Here is the full list of the 30 cities with the worst traffic conditions:

1) Istanbul, Turkey

2) Mexico City, Mexico

3) Rio de Janerio, Brazil

4) Moscow, Russia

5) Salvador, Brazil

6) Recife, Brazil

7) St. Petersburg, Russia

7) Palermo, Italy (tied for 7th)

8) Bucharest, Romania

9) Warsaw, Poland

10) Los Angeles, United States

11) Taipei, China (Taiwan)

12) Chonqing, China

13) Rome, Italy

14) Tianjin, China

15) Beijing, China

16) Guangzhou, China

17) Marseille, France

18) Chengdu, China

19) Vancouver, Canada

20) Sydney, Australia

21) Paris, France

22) Fortaleza Brazil

24) Shanghai, China

25) Shijiazhuang, China

26) San Francisco, United States

27) Athens, Greece

28) Fuzhou, China

29) Shenyang, China

30) Hangzhou, China

Source: inews.qq.com

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Maths lesson 1. When making a list when 2 or more are ranked equally the the next position has to take into account that fact. After two cities finished equal 7th the next position should have been 9th.

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When someone told me before "Ohhh be careful, part-time work is illegal with your contract", I replied: "Yeah, so is parking on the pavement, right?" :P

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Have car/house/iphone = Have face/respect. Respected by WHO, Bill Gates? LOL Your starving cousins? LOL Sad morons. LOL

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traffic congestion could be reduced if Chinese stop parking in the road

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China (Taiwan).... Haha yeah right!

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Yeah they'd rather waste 2hrs getting home at rush hr in their benz

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