Where to Shop in Nanjing

Where to Shop in Nanjing

Whether you’re a native to Nanjing or new in town and looking for somewhere to indulge in a little retail therapy, you can certainly find it here. While the city does not have quite the abundance of shopping Shanghai and Beijing does, it still holds its own. Between Nanjing’s selection of shopping areas, malls, markets and even boutiques, no matter what you’re in the market for, it won’t be too hard to find. Here we’ve brought you the biggest and best areas for retail therapy in Nanjing.

Xinjiekou 新街口
When you’re ready to spend some RMBs, the first place you’ll be told to go is Xinjiekou. With almost 20 exits at the metro station leading to a consumer’s paradise, its no wonder why Nanjingers immediately flock to Xinjiekou. There are countless malls that range from basement markets such as the notorious Fashion Lady with its cheap fashions, to big-name appliances stores, high-end fashions from the likes of Louie, Roberto and Max (Mara) to discount shopping at none other than Wal-Mart. Whether you’re a student on a strict budget or a taitai without with a limitless budget, you will find it at Xinjiekou. There is such a wide range of stores, and so many of them, that you just need to experience it for yourself. There are many buses that drop you off in the area, but the easiest way is to take the metro to the Xinjiekou exit. One of the 20 exits will lead you right to your desired shopping destination.

Aqua City 南京水游城
The next place Nanjingers will tell you to check out is the fashionable Aqua City Mall. Aqua City is much tamer than Xinjiekou and caters to a more international crowd. With stores like H&M, Zara, French Connection, Uniqlo, Mango and even a Steve Madden (just to name a few), those looking for familiar Western names and styles will undoubtedly find it at Aqua City. Located just across the street from Fuzi Miao (also known as Confucius Temple), it is easy to find and all the taxi drivers know it. As you take a stroll around the mall, the sound of rushing water is calming (hence the name Aqua City), and overall, the place has a very pleasant feel. Along with great stores, there’s cafes, restaurants, a high-end grocery store, an arcade and even a movie theatre, so there’s something to please everyone. Definitely worth checking out is the beer garden on the roof of the mall. Having a beer watching the sun set on the city is a perfect way to end a day of leisurely shopping, coffee drinking and movie watching.

Aqua City 南京水游城 View In Map
Add: 1 Jiankang Lu, Nanjing
地址: 南京健康路1号
Tel: 4008 819 828, 25 5223 3999
Website: www.aquacity-nj.com/en (English)
Getting there: Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Sanshan Jie Station

Shanghai Lu 上海路
For those enjoy a more boutique feel to their shopping shopping, the stores along Shanghai Lu and Ninghai Lu are a must. If you like a more intimate shopping experience without the crowds and hoopla that often comes with the mall experience, these streets are a great way to check out the latest fashions in China. You’ll find many options strolling around Nanjing’s university areas. For those women who have a more shapely figure than the sometimes “less-endowed” Chinese women, there’s even a place that sells decent undergarments for women (basically they have bras for all you ladies who are filling D cups and above). It’s a great spot for knockoffs and factory recalls. There are a few great shops that have Western shoes (a rare find in China unless you’re in Beijing or Shanghai) and “designer” handbags. For the outdoors enthusiast, there are a few shops selling decent collections of outdoor wear, shoes and gear. While the authenticity of the merchandise in some of these shops can be somewhat suspect, it’s still a great area to find a great discounted deal on a pair of designer jeans, shoes or outdoor gear. Shanghai Lu is pretty centrally located, Bus No. 65 has stops along the road where you can find some good shops. 

Hunan Lu 湖南路
While the malls in this area are nothing particularly special, the shopping along Hunan Lu is worth checking out if you’re in the Xuanwu Lake area. An interesting find along this area is the foreign bookstore. English books are relatively hard to come by in Nanjing, and while this selection isn’t stellar, it should peak the interest of an avid reader (as long as they haven’t read all the books already). Other than that, Hunan Lu has your standard Chinese malls with the Chinese fashions. However for those willing to do a bit of searching, there’s a great street just north of Hunan Lu with more boutique stores that are a popular spot for the young and trendy in Nanjing. While it’s no fashionistas paradise, it has unique clothes for more reasonable prices than what you see in the traditional malls. And if it’s where the young people are shopping, then it must be cool. Bus No. 56 takes you up to Hunnan Lu, but the easiest way is to take the metro to the Xuanwu Lake stop.

Honorable Mention: 9 Dragons 九龙商厦
What would China be without a good “fake” market in each of its cities. And with all the factories and manufacturers around Nanjing, its no surprise that there’s a great market for knockoffs, factory recalls and other goods that didn’t make it to the store shelf. It can be a bit tricky to differentiate between what’s legit and what’s a fake, but for those who don’t really care that their North Face jacket may not be quite reach the quality standard you’d find back home, then check out 9 Dragons. Store clerks are willing to bargain, especially if you can speak some Chinese. As with any other market in China, just be sure you’re getting a good deal.

9 Dragons 九龙商厦View In Map
Add: 211 Taiping Nanlu, Baixia District, Nanjing
地址: 南京市白下区太平南路211 号
Getting there: Bus No. 80, 801, 802

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