Cool Days, Warm Soaks: The Top Hot Springs in Nanjing

Cool Days, Warm Soaks: The Top Hot Springs in Nanjing

During the cold days of winter , the prospect of taking a weekend trip to a hot springs resort with one’s family and friends must sound more than a little enticing. To bathe in the warm waters of the springs and let one’s cares and exhaustion drift away, such are the simple joys of a busy life! For Nanjing residents in search of this sort of relaxation, you are in luck: only 28 kilometers east of Nanjing in the Jiangning District lies the famous hot springs locale of Tangshan Village.

With its 1500-year long history, Tangshan is one of the oldest hot springs centers in China, and is first among the four great hot spring locales of Xiaotang Mountain in Beijing, Conghua in Guangdong and Tang Gangzi in Liaoning. To aid the curious hot spring enthusiast in their hunt for the top soaks, we will give a short introduction below to three of the most famous hot springs resorts in Tangshan.

1) Yishang Hot Springs Resort at Tangshan 颐尚温泉View In Map
Ranked nationally as one of the top convalescent hot springs resorts in China, Yishang is located in the eastern suburbs, 25 kilometers from Nanjing. With tall green mountains as its backdrop and the water in its cluster of springs clear as a mirror, perhaps it’s no wonder that Yishang is so popular with tourists.

Along with its more than 50 open-air hot springs, Yishang also has 30 top-notch indoor pools, including healing springs, footbaths, Turkish baths, a hot springs spa and a water park. Additionally, guests will be happy to find a KTV, coffee lounge and several bars on the premises. The service at Yishang is said to be quite comprehensive, and meals and drinks are provided free of charge.

Add:8 Wenquan Lu, Tangshan County, Jiangning District, Nanjing
Tel:025 5119 0666-8088 or 8#
Price: 158 RMB
Getting  there:Yishang Special Line runs roundtrip between the Nanjing Central Bus
Station and the Yishang Hot Springs Resort at Tangshan; tickets are 10 RMB. The earliest bus leaves at 7:30am and the interval between buses is approximately one hour. Tickets can be purchased and the bus may be boarded at the Central Long-Distance Bus Station and at the Eastern Long-Distance Bus Station.

2) Hundred Sacred Pools (Baibei Shengquan) Hot Springs Resort at Tangshan 百倍圣泉温泉城View In Map
Covering an area of ten thousand square meters, the Hundred Sacred Pools Hot Springs is a fully equipped leisure resort with attractions including baths, eateries and a spa. The open-air hot springs are the highlight of the resort, and guests can sample flower baths, medicine baths, healing baths and the volcanic mud baths—a unique experience indeed! Additionally, the resort boasts a number of different massage services.

Add: 228 Tangquan Dong Lu, Tangshan, Nanjing
Tel:025 8410 0666, 025-84105699
Getting there:Bus: Take the Nanjing-Tangshan Line bus from the bus station beside the train station in Nanjing and get off at the East Tangshan Station. 4 RMB per person; travel time approximately 45 minutes.

3) East Lake Beautiful Island (Lidao) Hot Springs Resort 东湖丽岛温泉View In Map
Located on the East Lake peninsula in Tangshan within the eastern outskirts of Nanjing’s scenic area, the resort is divided into indoor and outdoor hot springs and three floating springs in the middle of the lake, for a total of more than sixty unique hot springs of different sizes and styles. Additionally, the resort features villas with their own private hot springs, restaurants, a KTV, baths, outdoor barbecue pits, fishing and a number of other leisure activities and facilities.

Add: Tangshan Peninsula, East Suburb of Nanjing
Getting there:Take city bus 55, 309 or 314 or get on the Nanjing-Tangshan line at the Central Bus Station in Nanjing and get off at Tangshan station by the Suguo Supermarket—the ride should take approximately 40 minutes. Then take a cab directly to the East Lake Beautiful Island Hot Springs Resort. The ride should take approximately 6 minutes and costs 5 RMB.

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