The City of Sunlight: Lhasa’s Grand Performances

The City of Sunlight: Lhasa’s Grand Performances

With the development of its tourism, entertainment life in Lhasa is gradually being enriched. In addition to restaurants and bars, there are now even more entertainment options for the culture hungry tourist. When night falls, Lhasa’s theatres begin to fill up for its extraordinary performances. "Happiness on the road" and "Himalayas" are said to be the grandest shows in Lhasa. Tibetan song and dance performances are certain to astound and move those that see them.

Happiness on the road  

Happiness on the road (幸福在路上)View In Map
"Happiness on the road" is a large-scale performance blending Tibetan folk song and dance. The show uses song and dance to tell a history of the Tibetan people. In this performance original Tibetan art is explored; some instruments appear on stage that have never been shown before. The show features multi-visual angles and space to create a mysterious, saintly and serene environment. The show gathers the best folk artists in Tibet, as well as many local farmers and herdsmen. This powerful line-up, combined with eye-catching staging and lighting, make for a very excellent show that no-one visiting Lhasa will want to miss.

Add: 188 Beixi Lu, Tibet Drama Theatre, Lhasa
Opening hours: Everynight the show starts at 20:15, each show is 100 minutes
Tel: 0891 6822 117
Price: 180/380/580 RMB
Getting there: take bus no. 102 or 111 and get off and Yishu Xuexiao (艺术学校). From there, walk 100 metres to the venue.


Himalayas (喜马拉雅) View In Map
“Himalayas” began stage performances at the end of 2007 and was renewed in 2009. It is Tibet’s first large-scale song and dance performance. Its stage design and lighting are all well done and the props are very artistic. The play also has a technological innovation, specifically the introduction of the theater oxygen support system. The theater is the world's only oxygen-rich theater, with a system pumping in oxygen for those that are new to the altitude. The colorful costumes, superb dancing and engaging voices combines into a show that you won’t soon forget.
The play, in five acts, tells the story of the snow-capped mountains including the snow-capped mountain’s birth, and the holy Pure Land. The show is interspersed with song, dance and acrobatics, wonderfully summing up the nature of Tibetan religion, history and culture.

Add: Lhasa People’s Culture and Art Museum, Lhasa
Tel: 0891 683 6788
Time: every evening, 20:00 (show runs for 80 minutes)
Price: 200/400/600 RMB
Getting there: take bus no, 108, 801 or 105

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