Introducing Unique KTV Venues in Kunming

Introducing Unique KTV Venues in Kunming

Kunming has a great number of karaoke venues, but too many of them are poorly managed, which means that often the best laid KTV plans result in less than 100% satisfaction. Too help you avoid this Kunming KTV conundrum, here’s a list of unique karaoke clubs that have superb ambience, the best equipment and quality service. No longer will you have to struggle to find a good karaoke outing.

Super Star Happy Garden (Damuzhi branch) 大明星欢乐园(大拇指店) View In Map
Though Super Star Happy Garden has two floors and 129 private KTV boxes, it’s usually very crowded on the weekends. Before you select a KTV room, you’re encouraged to put on the earphones and checkout the audio quality – you only select the room if you're pleased with the acoustics of a room. They also have VOD (video on demand) song selection system, and you'll be able to punch in title of songs in pinyin and easily select the ones you want. 3D audio effects systems in each of the rooms guarantee you the best sound output, so that you'll be able to sound like a true star. Another unique aspect is that they've organized a “song collecting” campaign that aims to collect new songs to expand the venue’s song database. Customers are given incentives to contribute song names, and can get more free time in the KTV boxes in return. 

Small KTV rooms for up to 5 guests: 35 RMB/5 hours (Monday to Friday, daytime rate); 50 RMB/5 hours (weekends, daytime rate); 200 RMB/hour (nighttime rate)
Mid-size KTV rooms for up to 8 guests: 45 RMB/5 hours (Monday to Friday, daytime rate); 70 RMB/5 hours (weekends, daytime rate); 260 RMB/hour (nighttime rate)
Big KTV rooms for up to 12 guests: 60 RMB/5 hours (Monday to Friday, daytime rate); 100 RMB/5 hours (weekends daytime rate); 300 RMB/hour (nighttime rate)

Add: 1 Tuodong Lu, Panlong District, Kunming (by the Heping Shopping Plaza at the Cha Street intersection)
Tel: 0871 311 8666, 0871 311 9666
Opening hours: 09:00-02:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 109, 117, 1, 62 to the Kunming Museum station and walk 91m to destination

Zhongcheng Music Plaza中成音乐广场 View In Map
Zhongcheng Music Plaza is one of the earliest opened KTV venues in Kunming, and has long enjoyed quite a reputation and following amongst local customers. The first floor bar is designed like a wine cellar, with gray brick walls and a free-flowing beer tap. Each of the KTV rooms are named after hit Chinese songs and movies.

Small KTV room for up to 4 guests: 96 RMB/hour
Mid-sized KTV room for up to 10 guests: 146 RMB/hour
Big KTV room for up to 20 guests: 346 RMB/hour.
10% discounts available after midnight every night

Add: 123 Lao Haigeng Lu, Guandu District, Kunming
Tel: 0871 414 1188
Opening hours: 18:00-07:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 141, 66 (Diaotou bus) to Yunfang station and walk 203m to destination 

Huayang Nianhua Business Parlour花样年华商务娱乐会所 View In Map
Huayang Nianhua features European-style décor, heavy on pink, red, and yellow. Gold-plated decorations and exquisite carvings complete the feel of grandeur. All of the KTV rooms overlook street views in Kunming. They've also got the VOD system there for easy selection of songs and videos, Konka rear-projection TVs, wireless mics and independently adjustable stereo setups.  There is even a pretty DJ hostess in each of the KTV rooms to help select songs.

Small KTV room for up to 12 guests: 348 RMB/hour (19:00 -24:00 rates); 243 RMB/hour (24:00 -02:00 rates)
Mid-sized KTV room for up to 16 guests: 392 RMB/hour (19:00 -24:00 rates); 274 RMB/hour (24:00 -02:00 rates)
Big KTV room for up to 20 guests: 448 RMB/hour (19:00 -24:00 rates); 313 RMB/hour (24:00 -02:00 rates)
Call in reservations for 30% discounts

Add: 222 Middle Renmin Rd, Kunming (3rd floor of the Cuiyi Hotel in Xiaoximen)
Tel: 0871 611 6888
Opening hours: 19:00 - 02:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 100, 10, 14, 17, 18, 21, 26, 2, 52 or69 to the Xiaoximen station and walk for another 27 m to destination

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