Hefei’s Most Popular Korean and Japanese Restaurants

Hefei’s Most Popular Korean and Japanese Restaurants

Hefei may not be the most metropolitan city in China, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy great international cuisine, especially when it comes to Korean and Japanese restaurants. Not only can you find many real, live Koreans and Japanese people eating at these restaurants, you can also score major discounts by searching for group buying deals beforehand, so authenticity doesn't have to come with a high price tag. Whether you're hankering for barbeque or sushi, you're eventually going to want to try all four of these popular Korean and Japanese restaurants in Hefei.

1) Pankoo Busan RestaurantView In Map
Pankoo is a very popular Korean chain featuring cuisine—most notably barbeque—from Busan, South Korea. If you love meat, definitely get the streaky pork, fatty beef slices, veal, and/or beef bibimbap. Vegetarians and omnivores alike will also appreciate the pumpkin congee, shitake mushrooms, fried rice cakes (topokki), and/or soybean paste soup. For seafood, try the tuna bibimbap, clam and tofu soup and/or seafood pancakes. More adventurous eaters should spring for the ox tongue. Wash it all down with some barley tea to cut the grease.

Add: Pankoo Busan Restaurant, 603 6F Yintai Center, 98 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Luyang District, Hefei
地址:合肥市庐阳区长江中路98号银泰中心6楼603铺, PANKOO釜山料理
Tel: 551 2661 779
Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
Getting there: take bus No. 3 or express No. 5 to Xiaodongmen (小东门站)

2) HanNaShan Barbeque (Wanda Plaza location)View In Map
HanNaShan is another popular chain with all the amenities of a proper Korean barbeque joint, this one with two locations in Hefei, one at Hualian Shopping Center and the other in Wanda Plaza. The fatty beef is higher quality here than most places, as are the chicken drumsticks, and squid. We also recommend the corn salad.

Add: HanNaShan Barbeque, 3F Wanda Plaza indoor shopping street, 130 Ma'anshan Lu, Baohe District, Hefei
地址:合肥市包河区马鞍山路130号万达广场室内步行街3楼, 汉拿山韩式烧烤
Tel: 0551 2891 368
Opening hours: 9:30-21:30
Getting there: take bus No. 145, 226, 235, 902 to Wuhu Lu (芜湖路站)

3) Saikyo (Jingxi) Japanese RestaurantView In Map
Saikyo (called Jingxi in Chinese) can get extremely crowded on weekends and evenings, but for good reason: the service here is impeccable. We recommend the barbeque items, including fried chicken pieces, ginger barbeque pork, as well as garlic barbeque pork. When it comes to sushi, you can't go wrong with eel or a nice thick pad of salmon.

Add: Saikyo Japanese Restaurant, 100 Lujiang Lu (at the intersection with Renmin Lu), Luyang District, Hefei
地址:合肥市庐阳区庐江路100号(人民路口), 西京日本料理
Tel: 551 2679 739
Opening hours: 11:00-14:00, 17:30-22:30
Getting there: take bus No. 1, 122, 126, 133, 162, 166, 701, 901 to Huilongqiao (迴龙桥站)

4) Genroku (Yuanlu) Revolving Sushi RestaurantView In Map
Genroku (Yuanlu in Chinese) has been an established sushi chain in China for quite a long time, and it's a solid option for when crave sushi. Items on the revolving sushi bar are color-coded by price, each one either 3, 6, 9, or 12 RMB per plate. Besides sushi, be sure to also try the squid, eel hand rolls, and steamed egg. Hit the salad and fruit bar for a healthy palate cleanser in between rounds of sushi.

Add: Genroku Revolving Sushi Restaurant, 99 Huaihe Lu pedestrian street, Luyang District, Hefei
地址:合肥市庐阳区淮河路步行街99号, 元禄回转寿司
Tel: 0551 2651 011
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00
Getting there: take bus No. 2, 15, 48, 106, 136, 137, 143, 155 to Xiaoyaojin (逍遥津站)

Dish name in English



Streaky Pork

Wuhua Rou


Fatty Beef Slices

Fei Niu



Shiguo Banfan


Pumpkin Congee

Nangua Zhou


Shitake Mushrooms



Fried Rice Cakes (Topokki)

Chao Niangao


Clam and Tofu Soup

Hama Doufu Tang


Seafood Pancakes

Haixian Bing


Ox Tongue

Niu She


Barley Tea

Damai Cha


Chicken Drumsticks

Ji Tui





Corn Salad

Yumi Shala


Fried Chicken Pieces

Zhaji Kuai


Ginger Barbeque Pork

Jiangzhi Zhurou Shao


Garlic Barbeque Pork

Suanjian Chashao








Chicken Gizzard

Kaoji Zhun


Hand Roll



Steamed Egg




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