What to do with 48 Hours in Guilin

What to do with 48 Hours in Guilin

When people say they’re going to Guilin, they most likely mean they’re arriving in Guilin and from there heading on to Yangshuo and the surrounding scenic areas. However, what does the city itself have to offer? Does Guilin have more to offer than beautiful views of the limestone pinnacles surrounding it? Read on to find out how to have fun and appreciate the city’s culture in 48 hours.

Guilin Mifen (Guilin rice noodles)

The city is surrounded by boundless natural beauty which simply cannot be overlooked or ignored. The city of Guilin owes its popularity and status as tourist destination entirely to its geographic location. Start your day by indulging in local breakfast. The most common breakfast here is Guilin Mifen (Guilin rice noodles). You won’t have any difficulty finding restaurants that serve this dish, but north of Central Square along Yiren Lu you’ll find a concentration of places that serve them.

Seven Star Cave, Guilin

Next make your way to the Seven Stars Park, Guilin’s largest scenic park at 120 hectares. The park is located on the east bank of the Li River, 1.5 kilometres from downtown Guilin. You’ll find mountainous scenery, clear waters and beautiful plants within the park as well as many historic relics like the Flower Bridge which dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). However, the main attraction of the park is Seven Star Cave (七星岩), a must-see site when visiting the park. The cave is in Putuo Hill and is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites.

Next head over to the Guilin Museum to learn more about the history of this fascinating region. Guilin Mueum (桂林博物馆) is located in Xishan Park and has over 21,500 objects on display. The highlight of the museum is its collection of ancient blue and white porcelain from the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911). It also features artifacts by over 11 minorities from the region.

Guilin is not a city that simply retires upon darkness. At night, the city is just as vibrant and interesting as the day. There are many cultural nightlife events that offer glimpses into the ethnic culture of Guilin. An ethnic dancing performance at the Water Pavilion is popular among tourists who often combine the performance with a night cruise on the Li River. The Water Pavilion is located at No.2 Dock, Binjiang Road on the west bank of the Li River and is probably the most romantic way to end your first day in Guilin.


Old Man Hill in Gulin

Spend day two sightseeing the natural beauty of the area on bicycle. Though the city has department stores and shopping streets like any other city in China, it would be pointless to spend your precious time strolling around the generic looking streets of Guilin and missing out on the breathtaking natural scenery all around. Guilin4seasons.com offers a range of bike tours, from half day to full day ones. You can choose to ride to the Red Flute Caves or Daxu Ancient Town among others. Alternatively you can tour Guilin’s hills and catch the most stunning views of the area by foot from the city. Old Man Hill offers one of the best scenic views. Read this article for great insider tips on Guilin’s best views that are off the main tourist maps.

Finally, end an active day by downing some beers at one of Guilin’s many bars. One of the most popular bars among foreign students and expats is Le Feitz, a French owned Irish pub. It’s located north of Guangxi Normal University which explains its popularity among students, but DJs and live bands at the weekends makes the bar an attractive party destination regardless whether you study, work or just like to play. Other bar listings can be found here.

Le Feitz 翡翠酒吧View In Map
Add: 1-8 Feitz Rd, University Residence, Guilin
地址: 桂林市翡翠路大学生公寓城1-8号
Tel: 137 3773 4082
Website: http://lefeitz.cn/en

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