iWant: Hot Deals on New Gadgets at Guangzhou’s Electronic Markets

iWant: Hot Deals on New Gadgets at Guangzhou’s Electronic Markets
By Patrick Deloy , eChinacities.com

So you have seen Steve Jobs presenting the newest iPad, iPhone, iSomething and as an affluent city dweller you don't want to be left behind. The first option you have to get your hands on these new toys for a reasonable price is taking a short trip to Hong Kong where there is no VAT (value-added tax). However, you might want to consider saving time and travel costs by staying and shopping in Guangzhou. Thanks to the fierce competition in the main electronic markets in Guangzhou, you might even find a better deal than if you had gone to Hong Kong in the first place.

 Guangzhou’s Electronic Markets

Below we have compiled a list of some of the biggest electronic markets in Guangzhou. Be sure to have some bargaining Chinese ready as prices almost everywhere are negotiable, though in most cases even the first prices you get are quite reasonable as these are not entirely tourist areas and locals go shopping here as well. Note that all electronic markets open daily from around 10:00-18:00 (though some of the shops are open until 20:00).

1) Tianhe Ganding广州天河岗顶
The electronic market directly above the Gangding metro station in Tianhe is one of the most famous of its kind in Guangzhou and is even known outside of the city. You probably want to come here first if you are looking for the newest gadgets, especially computers, and you don't mind paying a bit more than the most competitive price. Most shops here sell both retail and wholesale. If by any chance you have time to go shopping during the week, come here during weekdays as on weekends it gets really (as in, totally) crowded.

Main products: Computers, gadgets
Getting there: Metro station Gangding (岗顶地铁站)

2) Yuexiu Dashatou 广州越秀区大沙头
In Dashatou you will feel like you are at a Middle Eastern Bazaar – not only because you will mainly find new and second-hand electronic products here but also for the fact that most of the buyers here are in fact from Africa and the Middle East. Most of the products are second-hand phones and computers, but you will also find new cameras, A/Cs, fridges etc. at retail and wholesale prices. The prices here are probably the cheapest in Guangzhou and, unless otherwise stated, negotiable. If you don't ask for a regular invoice you will save even more – as many of the products are either smuggled from Hong Kong or “fell off the truck” somewhere. There’s no metro station near Dashatou so your best bet is to arrive by taxi.

Main products: second-hand mobile phones and computers, cameras, household electronics
Getting there: Taxi or bus to Dashatou (大沙头)

3) Jie Fang Zhong Lu Taojie 广州越秀区解放中路
This market, one of the first of its kind in Guangzhou, is a bit smaller than the other ones and mainly consists of little shops that sell standard products. Many of these shops are also active on taobao and accordingly sell a mix of more-or-less useful gadgets and electronics. You might not find the newest state-of-the-art computers here but it is a good place to go to if you are more of a DIY guy or gal and in need of spare parts that are not available anywhere else.

Main products: DIY parts for computers and electronics
Getting there: Metro station Haizhu Guangchang (海珠广场地铁站)

4) Lieshi Lingyuan Xilu 广州越秀区烈士陵园
This market mainly consists of little stores along Lingyuan Xilu near China Plaza and is a good place to go for mobile phones. However, it is not so good if you expecting the lowest prices possible. Be especially careful if you have not inquired about the prices of the products you intend to buy beforehand – for foreigners especially there can be a bit of a gap between initial price quote and the final price you would have to pay after a bout of bargaining.

Main products: Mobile phones
Getting there: Metro station Martyrs Park (烈士陵园地铁站)

5) Nanfang Dasha (near Wenhua Gongyuan) 广州文化公园南方大厦
The most spectacular fact about this market is probably the building, which with its illuminated red star on top, looks quite nice from the waterfront and has quite a “communist” feeling about it. Incidentally this is not too far from the truth as you will find many more Chinese homemade commodities here than you will find Western products. Prices are cheap, but that may correlate with quality. If you are a wholesaler, you might want to have a look as there is probably nowhere else in Guangzhou where you can find domestic electronics at such cheap wholesale prices.

Main products: Domestic (Chinese) electronic products
Getting there: Metro station Haizhu Guangchang (海珠广场地铁站)

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