Metro Explorations: Top Sights of Guangzhou’s Metro Line 4

Metro Explorations: Top Sights of Guangzhou’s Metro Line 4

Running from Jinzhou Station all the way to Huangcun Station, the Guangzhou Metro Line 4 isn’t known for its famous scenery, nor is it known for being a popular line for tourists exploring the city, which is exactly why it’s loved by the locals as a hidden gem in the Cantonese capital. Passengers can enjoy a relaxed ride among one of Guangzhou’s quieter areas as they bypass some of the city’s more varying spots where they can see some traditional Chinese architecture, indulge in large quantities of seafood, as well sink a few holes at China’s most modern golf course. 

1) Guanzhou Station: Guanzhou Island
Located the middle of Guanzhou Island (官洲岛) at the heart the Pearl River, this tiny yet well-known known island is full of interesting architecture depicting many styles, with the health center particularly being worth a look due to its unique blend of Chinese and Western style design. With a long history, the Huadi Temple (华帝古庙) sits on the west side of the island and faces east, and features many intricate carvings of flowers on the door for visitors to admire. If you’re still in the ever-long pursuit of good luck, then why not follow in the footsteps of the hopeful students of old who came to the Guandu Pavillion (官渡亭) to wish for good fortune in their exams to get into Beijing’s prestigious universities. On a green note, the head of the island is known for its fresh organic fruit and vegetables, which are grown by local farmers and are free of pollutants.     

2) University City North Station – University City and shopping
The University City North Station (大学城北站) is located under the north area of the city’s vast commercial district. Around the station, punters can check out Guangzhou’s well-known Sun Yat-Sen University (中山大学), the Xinghai Conservatory of Music (星海音乐学院) and South China Normal University (华南师范大学), all amid a scenic setting surrounded by hills. As a pioneer in creative architecture, the study blocks of the area range from being designed in the shape of harps and butterflies, which attract flocks of snap-happy tourists. The nearby commercial district is also a shopper’s paradise, and anyone who wishes to revel in eating, entertainment, KTV, and more will be spoilt for choice here, and the prices are cheap. To top off the attractions, the nearby Yinzhou Ecological Park (瀛洲生态公园) is a quiet getaway area where visitors can try their hand at various water and ball sports or enjoy a BBQ picnic with friends.

3) Xinzao Station: For history and nature lovers alike
Featuring a Japan-war memorial, the Baitang Ancestral Temple (柏堂祠堂等), and nearby access to a ferry which offers panoramic views of the University City and Museums, Xinzao Station (新造站) offers nourishment for culture-vultures and nature lovers alike. You can also walk over the Fanyu Bridge (番禺市桥) and take the dragon town shuttle bus to take in the views of the nearby agricultural garden.

4) Haibang Station: Asian Games Village and food, food, food
In 2010, Guangzhou played host to the Asian Games, the athlete’s village of which is located right next to Haibang Station (海傍站旁边). As the games have long since finished, visitors are now able to freely explore the area and are encouraged to look around the Asian Games stadium (having first signed in at the security area). Head out of exit A to Haibang Waterfront Village Cafeteria (海傍水乡自助餐厅) where you’re guaranteed picturesque seating by the river as you tuck into local delicacies.   

5) Huangge Motor City Metro Station: Seafood and sunflowers
With a long history, the nearby McNamara Ancestral Hall (麦氏宗祠) was built during the Song Dynasty, though you wouldn’t have guessed it due to it’s modern design and appearance. Also nearby is an accumulation of China’s biggest sun-facing gardens, which are full of—you guess it—sunflowers, reinforcing Guangzhou’s nickname as the The Green City. Hungry? Like seafood? Then check out the nearby aquatic market at and enjoy a pleasurable boat ride whilst you munch the time away. 

6) Huangge Station: Dragon Island
Nestled close-by to Huangge Town (黄阁镇) and The New City Shopping Mall (黄阁新城商场), the fearsomely named Dragon Island (龙穴岛) is certainly a fiery hotbed of fun. Visitors can either chill out on the manmade beach complete with swimming area, relax in a holiday villa, blow off some steam in game arcades, or check out the many seafood restaurants, pavilions, caves, and countless other attractions. Around 200 metres away lies a lighthouse built in during the Qing Dynasty, and during low-tide visitors are free to walk around the shallow waters near the structure.

7) Jiaomen Station – Nansha Golf Course
The most well-known port off call here is of course the Nansha Golf Area (南沙高尔夫球场), a high-end 36-hole mammoth featuring two distinct courses. After getting off the metro, take No.3 bus and after get off after one stop. The Valley Course (芦湾场) is 6,626 yards long and has a par of 72, whilst the more challenging Mountain Course (黄山鲁场) is slightly longer at 6,996 yards, also with a par of 72. Aside from all the pitching and putting, there’s a restaurant nearby, open-air tea houses and massage facilities, catering for those who wish to either play or simply relax.

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