Metro Explorations: Top 8 Sights Along Guangzhou’s Metro Line 1

Metro Explorations: Top 8 Sights Along Guangzhou’s Metro Line 1

Guangzhou's very first metro line, Line 1, has 14 stops in total that are your doorway to Guangzhou's diverse sights and neighborhoods. Whether you plan on going to Huangsha Station to admire the European architecture or to Changshou Lu Station to walk along Guangzhou's most famous walking street, Line 1 is your ticket to getting the most out of Guangzhou. Visit these following sights along Line 1 to get the most out of the city.

1) Huangsha Station: China's Little Europe
From Huangsha Station, Exit D, just go over the little bridge to find an area reminiscent of European coffee books and travel guides. Guangzhou's Shamian Island, surrounded by the pear river has 150 buildings that are designed with European traditional art in mind. It can feel like passing into a European country, as both the pace of life and the atmosphere tend to be quite different from that of Mainland China. As you stroll along the streets you'll find a number of cafés, restaurants and bars. This is the perfect place to sit down and have a relaxing coffee if you need a break from bustling Guangzhou. 

2) Changshou Lu: Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
If you are looking for a bit of street shopping and sightseeing, head to Changshou Lu (Exit E) and walk towards Hengbao Square and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. This street is perfect for a bit of shopping therapy; but it's also a great destination for slow paced stroll around the neighborhood, as the architecture is truly unique to this area of Guangzhou. This street is also lined with stores and Guangzhou snack stalls that are stamped with the traditional “China Time-Honored Brand” seal of approval, so make sure treat yourself to some tasty treats.

3) Chenjiasi Station: Chen Family Temple
From Chenjiasi Temple (Exit C) you can easily get to Chen Family Temple, one of the most famous and well-known temples in the Southeast of China.  This temple is not only a centre of prayer but also a library of some of the oldest text and art pieces in Guangzhou. This temple is truly a cultural sight and is an inspiring and insightful place for history buffs. The architecture is traditional Lingnan folk style and inside you'll find a collection of historical items that take you back to an intriguing time long past in Guangzhou.

4) Gongyuanqian Station: Guangzhou's Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street Gongyuanqian's Exit E is your gateway to May Plaza and the ultimate street for shopping enthusiasts: Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street. The bustling vibe and the high-density of food and drink options, as well as international shopping brands make this street one of the most popular go-to spots in Guangzhou.  Beijing Lu is always crowded and can get even more so during the holidays.  And who can blame all of these happy tourists and locals, when there is just so much good eating available on both sides of the street? 

5) Lieshilingyuan Station: China Square, Liuxing Qianxian 
(From Exit A of this station, you can head to Liuxing Qianxian (流行前线), Guangzhou's largest and most upscale subway market. This is the place to pick up interesting gifts and items for your friends and family (or maybe just for yourself).  The market is right under China Square, which is the perfect place to stroll after a long run of underground shopping.  And if you're still not tired of shopping (and have some money left to splurge), then there are plenty of little clothing boutiques and shops for you to choose from aboveground as well.  If you head 100 meters south of the square, you'll find yourself at the west exit of Diwang Square (地王广场) which has even more shopping options. 

6) Dongshankou Station: Dongshan Villas, Wangfujing Department Store
In 2009, many of the stunning, villa-style houses in the Dongshan neighborhood faced the demolition ball. Fortunately, many survived and can still be admired today. The buildings themselves are made out of old-fashioned red brick and each building has its own story to tell. From the unique architecture of each building to the quaint gardens and the Dongshan Church, the area has an air of international culture and enchantment that is rare in other parts of China.  From Exit C of this section, you can also head to Wangfujing Department store, known for its wide range of stores and deals, just in case your previous shopping adventures at China Plaza weren't enough.

7) Tiyu West Station: Guangzhou's Most Popular Sight Seeing Spot
Since Tiyu West Station is right next to Tee Mall (天河城) and Zhengjia Square (正佳广场), this station has become the hangout spot of much of Guangzhou's younger population. Tee Mall is Guangzhou's number one shopping, dining, and movie house destination and is extremely popular amongst the locals. The mall itself is extremely large and takes at least half a day to see most of it. Careful not to get lost during your stroll!

8) Guangzhou East Railway Station: China's Most Beautiful Railway Square
A train station usually doesn't count as a tourist sight; however Guangzhou East Railway Station is really just too beautiful to miss.  From Guangzhou East Station's Exit F you can head to the Green Plaza (绿化广场). The northern end of this area has a waterfall, with about 9,000 tons of water flowing every hour.  The best time to experience this sight is at dusk when the lighting is just right.  

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