Guangzhou Weekend Getaway: Jiulong Lake Holiday Resort

Guangzhou Weekend Getaway: Jiulong Lake Holiday Resort

The sweltering summer heat is upon us, which not only invites fatigue and dehydration but which also conjures up desires to flee the city, to embark on a relaxing weekend break far from the humid, loud chaos of the city. This symptom is better known as “itchy feet” and affects a significant proportion of the human population around this time of the year. Residents in Guangzhou are lucky in that their province is home to many wonderful scenic spots, which means there’s no shortage of feasible options when it comes to choosing a weekend getaway. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to list all the possibilities in this article. The article can, however, suggest one place whose name has been floating around in the media a lot lately – Jiulong Lake Holiday Resort a.k.a. Dragon Lake Resort.

It can be a good or bad sign when a resort is suddenly mentioned in the media a lot, but you can rest assured that the former is the case with Jiulong Lake Holiday Resort. You see, just last month it was promoted to a 4A-level tourist rating, the second highest rating given by China’s National Tourism Administration. Until not so long ago, 4A would have been the top rating, but China’s tourist industry has raised the bar up a notch in order to upgrade the tourist industry’s service standard in China. At present, only 67 destinations in the country have earned the top 5A ranking, including the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Nanshan Buddhism Culture Tourism Zone in Sanya.

So what’s so great about the Jiulong Resort? Located in the northeastern part of Huadu City, not too far from the new Guangzhou Airport, its location is far away enough to escape the pollution and stress of the city, while at the same time close enough to easily escape there for a weekend break. Secondly, the resort is built around the stunning scenery of Jiulong Lake, a huge reservoir that takes its name from the fact that its zig-zag shape resembles a swimming dragon. The resort is surrounded by green mountains and long stretches of forest, thus ensuring a clean, fresh alternative to the smoggy, chemical concoction we call air in China’s major metropolises. Thirdly, the resort boasts top class facilities for relaxing and exercising, such as natural reservoir swimming pools at the foot of the mountain, an 18 hole golf course, speed boats, parachuting, spa, fitness center, a children’s amusement park, a barbeque area, luxury holiday villas with conference rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, and more. Another up-side of the resort is that the area generally enjoys a cooler climate than the city of Guangzhou, with temperatures customarily 3-5 degrees lower than in the city. /p>

The resort is not only a viable option for escaping the city smog and heat, but it’s also an ideal spot to momentarily forget you’re in China. The resort’s hotel has been built in the style of a European town, with the town square featuring an array of international restaurants, cafes and shops. Granted, some people may think it’s over-the-top, but for others, it’s the perfect place to immerse one’s self in a bubble world far removed from the urban realities of China, especially when taking time off work to fly to the real Europe just isn’t a feasible option. And for those who’ve been to the East Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen, with its Swiss-style resort and spa, Jiulong Resort shouldn’t come as a big shock to the system.

Practical info
When you hear the words luxury, western-style and resort in one sentence you can usually presume that you can rule out cheap – you’re right. Accommodation at the Dragon Boat Princess Hotel mentioned above isn’t for those on a tight budget. Deluxe single rooms start from 1280 RMB per night and deluxe double suites go for 2380 RMB.

Jiulong Lake Holiday Resort广州九龙湖度假区 View In Map
Add: Dragon Lake Village, 3 Shanqian Avenue, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 3690 8888


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