Guangdong by Bike, Part 1: Short Trips

Guangdong by Bike, Part 1: Short Trips

Short Trips
These short rips (15 to 50 km roundtrip) are perfect for those who don’t frequently bike ride. These trips cover smaller areas and mostly travel paved roads; cross-country biking experience is not needed.

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Lover's Trip
Route: Go from Fenghuang North to Qinglu North Road. Follow Qinglu Road all the way down to the harbor.
Distance: 14 km
Road conditions: The coastal roads are windy. Qinglu Road is fine for bike-riding, but it does not have a bike lane and cars travel fast; it is best to ride on the side of the road.
Special bonus: The scenery is gorgeous and is great for taking photos.

University Route
Route: Take Fenghuang Road to Qinglu North Road until you get to Gangwan Street. Continue forward past China University, Beijing Normal University and Harbin Engineering University.
Distance: 30-50 km (roundtrip)
Road conditions: In the city it's very crowded but after you get onto Qinglu Road the traffic clears up.
Special bonus: You get to check out the university campuses, learn about student life and reminisce about your college days.

Qi'ao Route
Route: Follow Fenghuang North to Tangjia, Qi'ao Bridge, Baishi Street and end at Hongshulin
Distance: 50 km (roundtrip)
Road conditions: Similar to the University Route.
Special bonus: You get to see Baishi Street and do mountain-biking for better exercise. Eat a meal of Nihui Chicken, which tastes delicious after riding for a while.

1)  All distance are calculated as originating from Xiangzhou (a part of Guangzhou).
2)  Biking speed is affected by road conditions and physical strength. An inexperienced rider will normally travel at 15 to 20 km/hour. More experienced riders can maintain as much as 30 kph for several hours consecutively.

It is important that you adjust your seat properly and accustom yourself to your bike before you go on long rides. Traffic rules and regulations should be abided at all times.

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