Get on the Bus! The Lowdown on Riding the Bus in Guangzhou

Get on the Bus! The Lowdown on Riding the Bus in Guangzhou

Taking the bus in Guangzhou is a great way to get to know the city and its people. Not only that, but Guangzhou's bus system is cheap and convenient. Busses in Guangzhou cost just 2 RMB and can get you anywhere you want to go in the city. You can pick up an English map of Guangzhou which includes all the bus routes in the city from any of the train stations or major hotels. In addition, use this link,, to look up any bus number and see where it goes. Here, we've compiled some useful information about the bus routes in Guangzhou to help you get around, street level.

With hundreds of routes throughout Guangzhou, it would be impossible to list all of them here. However, here are a few routes you may find useful...

22: From Tianhedong Lu, this route will take you across Beijing Lu to China Plaza and Hiazhu Square.

31: Runs along Gongyedadao Bei, across Renmin Bridge and up Renmin Lu to Guangzhou train station.

133: This bus runs between Tianhebei Lu, through Huanshidong Lu, over to Zhongshanba Lu terminal and back again.

209: This route is similar to 133 but continues into the south west corner of the city, past Shamian Island and back up to Liwanhu Park.

512: From Tianhebei Lu, this route runs north/south following metro line 3 all the way to Panyu Amusement park and Night Safari.

There are four main bus terminals in the city. Below we've listed all the routes that depart from each one.

Guangzhou Railway Station Bus Terminal - Huanshixi Lu, near the Guangzhou Railway Station
Bus no. 52, 180, 201, 210, 211, 228, 234, 254, 257, 269, 269A, 275, 529, 550, 552, 803, 805, 807A, 807, 840, 862B, 862A and N7, N8, N11, N14, N18, N25, N31, N33, N41.

Tianpingjia Bus Terminal - Xinghua Lu, Tianhe District
Bus no. 11, 28, 51, 51A, 85, 109, 110, 111, 112, 408, 509, 534, 543, 701.

Zhongshan Balu - Zhongshan Ba Lu
Bus no.8, 9, 19, 82, 85, 104, 107, 109, 125A, 125, 132, 133, 196, 204, 208, 212, 250, 261, 270, 415, 555, 705, 885, Night 20, Night 33, Night 37, Night 44, Tour Bus 1, Tour Bus 2, Tour Bus 3, Express 23.

Guangzhou East Railway Station Bus Terminal - Linhexi Lu
Bus no.41, 43, 45, 62, 122A, 122, 175, 183, 185, 195, 209, 214, 233, 256, 263, 271, 280, 283, 292, 302A, 302, 501, 506, 508, 515, 551, 804, 804A, 808, 810, 810A, 841, 884, N15, N17, N28, N51, Express 24, Express 28.

New to the city? Hop on a bus. It doesn't matter which bus you get on. Just pick a number and ride it till it ends. You can always get back using the same line in the opposite direction. This is an easy and cheap way to get to know the city. It's advisable that you do this during non-peak travel times so you can find a seat and be able to take in the view. Here's a list of all the routes to popular destinations in Gaungzhou...

To/From Baiyun International Airport
There are eight main shuttles busses which run from the airport to various parts of the city and back again. Fares range between 17 and 36 RMB depending on your drop-off or pick-up points. Here's a list of the stops along each route coming from the airport. To the airport, the stops are the same except in reverse order. 

Airport Shuttle Line 1: Civil Aviation Complex, Guangzhou Central Hotel, Civil Aviation Ticket Office (GZ Railway Station).

Airport Shuttle Line 2: Guangdong International Hotel, Guangzhou Holiday Inn City Center, Guangyun Building

Airport Shuttle Line 3: Baohua Square, Fangcun Coach Station

Airport Shuttle Line 4: Guangzhou Guangyuan Villa, South China University of Technology, Dongpu Coach Station, Lejietu Square, Pearl Hotel

Airport Shuttle Line 5: Dongfang Hotel, Guangdong Mansion, Guangzhou Globelink Hotel

Airport Shuttle Line 6: Zhujiang/Pearl River New City Square, Tianhe Mansion

Airport Shuttle Line 7: Huaweida Hotel, White Palace Hotel, South China Country Garden, Clifford Villa, Shiqiao, Panyu district

Airport Shuttle Line 8: Guangzhou New Gymnasium, Guangyuan Coach Station, Tianhe Coach Station, Phoenix City Hotel Guangzhou, Xintang, Zengcheng district

Buses to other popular sites:

Pearl River: Bus no.131, 131A, 131B

Yuexiu Park: Bus no.5,7,24,29,101,103

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall: Bus no.2, 27, 42, 56, 62, 74, 80, 83

Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family: Bus no.55,61,74,34,104

White Cloud Mountain: Bus no.24, 36, 265, 285

Bright Filial Piety Temple: Bus no.4,31,38,103, 181, 186, 202, 239, 251... (get off at Renmin Beillu Stop

Chimelong Resort (Panyu Amusement Park/Safari): Bus no.202, 221, 247, 512, 530, 562

Huaisheng Mosque: Bus no.56, 74

Temple of Six Banyan Trees: Bus no.74,86,6

Western Han Nanyue King's Tomb (Mausoleum): Bus no.7, 24, 58, 87, 244, 273, 182, 519, 528, 552

Guangzhou Zoo: Bus no.6, 11, 16, 60, 65, 78, 85, 112, 192, 199, 201, 219, 236, 271, 290, 535, 547, 862, 883, 84, 72, 74, 127, 220, 246, 833, 133, 191, 209, 210, 221, 233, 234, 242, 245, 256, 269, 278, 280, 886, 289, 301, 822, 545, 549, 550, 551, 561, or 810, 137, 221, 247, or 287

South China Botanical Gardens: Bus no.B12, 28, 30, 39, 84, 535, 534, or 564

Guangdong Museum of Art: Bus no.10, 63, 297, 808 or 883 and get off at the Hengfu Road station;

Shamian Island/Qingping Market: Bus no.5, 209, 823 get off at City Hospital of Traditional Medicine

Temple of Five immortals: Bus no.3, 6, 66, 74, 82, 124, 217, 227, and 541 and get off at the West Huifu Road bus station

There are also three tour bus lines which cost 2 RMB per person and give you a comfortable way to view the city. Each tour line departs from Zhongshanba Lu terminal every thirty minutes and we've listed the various stops along the way where you can jump on and off...

Tour Bus Line 1: Zhongshan Ba Lu Bus Terminal, Chen Clan Academy, Ximenkou, Sanyuangong, Xiaobei Huaquan, Luhu Park – White Cloud Immortals Temple, Yuntai Garden Bus Terminus

Tour Bus Line 2: Zhongshan Balu Bus Terminal, Chen Clan Academy, Kangwang Zhong Lu, Hualin Temple, Nanfang Mansion, Aiqun Mansion, Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital, Xinghai Musical Hall, Ersha East, Wuyang New Village, Nanfang Newspaper Office, Xinghuiyuan, Tianhe Post Office, Tianhe Bus Terminus

Tour Bus Line 3: Zhongshan Balu Bus Terminal, Pearl River Bridge, Xichang Overpass, Xicun, Keshan, Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, Keziling Arch, Cuiying Huating, Guangzhou Gymnasium, West Gate of the White Cloud Mountain Scenic Area, Guangzhou Foreign Language College, Chentian Village, Hongtao Stone Products Factory, Baiyun Animal Husbandry Company, Yongtai New Village, Yongtai Square, Yongtai Passenger Transport Terminal.

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