A Guided Tour of Guangzhou Expat Bars (Part 2)

A Guided Tour of Guangzhou Expat Bars (Part 2)

There are many bars in Guangzhou that expats like to go and, like bars everywhere, they tend to fall into different categories. Of course, when you’re talking about expat bar culture, the bars often divide themselves by nationality. There are Irish bars that serve plenty of Guinness and British bars that might have a jar of marmite tucked away somewhere. The clientele of these bars is not necessarily only from that country. Bars that show football (soccer) matches attract fans from all over the world, while NBA fans are not only from America.

Guide: Sandy, an experienced bar fan
Nationality: British (Newcastle)
Age: 30+
Occupation: Creative Director of TV channel branding
Impression: Bar culture is quite mature in Britain and we enjoy the time of drinking and chatting in bars very much. Being in Guangzhou for almost two years, I prefer going to European-style bars and those with telecasts of football games are much better. The feeling is more relaxed than going to club.

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The Paddy Field Irish Pub 爱尔兰的稻田

Keyword: Ireland

Selling Point 1: Irish feeling

Paddy can be understood as “paddy rice” or “Irish people” in slang, so “The Paddy Field” can be directly translated to “field of paddy rice”. With all wood decoration, extremely high roof and oversize stools and food, it is full of Irish feeling. If you don’t have the 40-inch long legs like expats, you cannot stand on solid ground while sitting on stools. However, the most comfortable place is private boxes where any size of beer bellies can extend without difficulties. Here the cups of beer are 1/2 larger than ordinary beer cups. Expats really have good appetite. The air here is always filled with Irish English as dense as slices, so it stands to reason that it becomes the gathering place of Irish people.

Selling Point 2: large portions of food

The food served here is of large portions: chips are as large as foreign typical “Fish & Chips”, several times larger than those served in fast food restaurants. It can be called potato chunks and eaten with cheese or crude salt, which is quite tasty. Other food is of typical Irish tastes, for example, Ploughman’s Plate, mixed with various cold meat, accompanied with large sheets of Irish cheese and Irish beer GUINESS and DILKENNY,is of unique taste, which costs RMB 65. It also serves Caesar Salad with grilled chicken, which costs RMB 63. Quite Yummy!

The Paddy Field Irish Pub爱尔兰的稻田View In Map
Add: First Floor, Guangyi Building, 38 Huale Lu, Guangzhou 华乐路38号广怡大厦首层
Tel: 020-83601379 

Elephant & Castle大象堡酒吧

Keyword: Britain

“Elephant & Castle” is a small area around London, Britain. “Elephant & Castle” is a leisure base built by Chinese for expats. Each week various football games and rugby games held outside China, especially in Britain are relay broadcasted here, making it a treasured place for football loving expats. The two main beers Tedley’s and Skol sold here are quite popular in Britain. For expats, the feeling here is like drinking beer while watching football games at their own homes, no wonder it is always the gathering place of expats. There is also a voluntarily organized football team comprised of expats named “Elephant & Castle”, which has participated in various games in Vietnam, Shanghai and Hong Kong and won prizes.

Elephant & Castle大象堡酒吧View In Map
Add: 363 Huanshi Donglu, Guangzhou环市东路363号
Tel: 020-83593309

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