A Guided Tour of Guangzhou Expat Bars

A Guided Tour of Guangzhou Expat Bars

There are many bars in Guangzhou that expats like to go and, like bars everywhere, they tend to fall into different categories. Of course, when you’re talking about expat bar culture, the bars often divide themselves by nationality. There are Irish bars that serve plenty of Guinness and British bars that might have a jar of marmite tucked away somewhere. The clientele of these bars is not necessarily only from that country. Bars that show football (soccer) matches attract fans from all over the world, while NBA fans are not only from America.

For help navigating the Guangzhou expat bar scene we asked a local expat to serve as our guide. This is the first stop in Sandy’s Guangzhou bar tour, check back soon for more recommended Guangzhou bars.

Guide: Sandy, an experienced bar fan
Nationality: British (Newcastle)
Age: 30+
Occupation: Creative Director of TV channel branding
Impression: Bar culture is quite mature in Britain and we enjoy the time of drinking and chatting in bars very much. Being in Guangzhou for almost two years, I prefer going to European-style bars and those with telecasts of football games are much better. The feeling is more relaxed than going to club.
Gold Mango
There is a mango tree more than 40 years old growing in the courtyard here, which is why it’s called Gold Mango. This garden has become one of the elements that attract expats. A lot of Dutch and Danish gather here, maybe because in those northern European countries, this kind of garden-style bar is quite popular and at Gold Mango they feel at home. The bar also has a strong romantic feel to it. Since its establishment, many Chinese and Western couples have met and fallen in love here.
According to Sandy: “We like the billiards and football machines as well as telecast football games (I’m ahuge fan of Liverpool and football games are the biggest attraction for me). The atmosphere here is quite “British”, making me feel like I’ve returned to my student days in Britian.”

During happy hour draft beer (including Carlsberg and German Erdinger) is half price -- RMB 25/pint for Carlsberg and RMB 45/pint for Erdinger. Bottled beer and wine are also on discount, ranging from 20-40 RMB.

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