6 Fun Things to Do in Guangzhou’s Panyu District

6 Fun Things to Do in Guangzhou’s Panyu District
By Mary Calleja , eChinacities.com

You may find yourself in Panyu for any number of reasons: work, business or the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Guangzhou. With bluer skies, less traffic and better infrastructure for an easy commute to the city (it’s only about 30 minutes away), more and more people are moving to Panyu to enjoy its relaxed way of life This article will introduce you to a number of interesting activities as well as inspire you to find out what you can do in Panyu.


1) Ride Bikes at Da Fu Shan Forest Park

The first thing you notice when entering the park is the sheer amount of people on bicycles racing around everywhere. One, two, three even four seated bikes are available for hire, from the official rental shops 100 metres from each gate, as well as a variety of shops and pesky ladies near the gates (priced from 10RMB per day plus 200RMB deposit). Considering that one has to ride up and down hills to get from one gate to the other, it is convenient to know that bikes hired from inside the park at one gate can be returned at another gate. Da Fu Shan covers over 8 hectares of land with numerous gardens, waterfalls, lakes and cliffs to visit. Visitors to the park can also enjoy activities such as kite flying, fishing, boat riding and barbeque.

Getting there: Go to Shiqiao Metro Station Line 3, exit B. .From there you can take bus No. 16 ten stations to the South Gate or go by taxi for around 20RMB. For the more adventurous, you can travel with the motorcyclists and negotiate your fare (recommended to be around 10RMB).

Dafu Shan Forest Park 大夫山森林公园View In Map
Add: Yushan Dadao Xi, Shiqiao, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 8848 9239, 020 8848 9239
Website: http://www.dafushan.com (in Chinese)
Opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00
Price: Free


2) Take Photos in Guangzhou Panyu Sunflower Garden

The Guangzhou Panyu Sunflower Garden is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest sunflower park in the world, covering 260 square meters and with over 1 million sunflower seeds (mostly imported from Japan). You will be overwhelmed by the sea of yellow and the amount of amateur photographers keen to add some beauty to their photo albums. The Sunflower Park does not just hold sunflowers, but different gardens, a squirrel ants kingdom, ponds with koi fish and the chance to taste the very unusual lavender ice-cream!

Guangzhou Panyu Sunflower Garden 番禺百万葵园View In Map
Add: Xinken 15 Yong, Wanqingsha Town, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 84956360 
Website:  http://www.bwky.cn  (in Chinese)
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 18:00
Price: 30RMB 

3) Eat Your Fill of Burgers at The Brew

‘The Brew’ has a different (i.e. North American) vibe from other expat bars in Guangzhou. The sports memorabilia on display are mostly centered on football and ice hockey with all other décor bearing a crisp and modern influence. Listed as a ‘bar and burger joint’, we were happy to discover that our expectations of a good burger was not in vain (home made bread, proper beef with crispy chips on the side). A wide variety of delicious cocktails were also on offer at reasonable prices. At The Brew, there is always something happening, whether it is beer pong, trivia or live music. Be sure to check it out.

The BrewView In Map
Add: Huanan Country Garden Main Entrance, Panyu Dadao Bei, Panyu District (next to the ICBC)
地址: 广州番禺华南碧桂园正门右侧商业街11号
Tel: 13560231914
Website: www.thebrew-china.com
Getting there: Go to Hanxi Changlong Metro Station (汉溪长隆站) Line 3 and take a taxi to Huanan Country Garden. It should cost around 20RMB.

4) Check out the Tavern Sports Bar

Regular patrons to The Tavern in Zhu Jiang New Town may be surprised to see how much more is on offer in Panyu. On entry, you’ll see a small Western grocery stall which stocks cheese, cold meats and condiments (Panyu is more limited than Guangzhou for Western food grocery options) and an elevator to take you to the main bar area. Take a look around and you’ll see just how wide a selection of entertainment facilities there are – a kid’s play area, wide screen televisions, dart boards, pool tables, foosball tables, a stage for live music and much more! We were even impressed with the bathrooms (and the fact that there’s more than one toilet available)! All this makes it a little more ‘family friendly’ than its counterpart in the city – but the food, drinks and service (with its highs and lows) are all the same.

How to get there: Go to Hanxi Changlong Metro Station (汉溪长隆站) , Line 3 and take a taxi to Huanan Country Garden. It should cost around 20RMB. It is very close to The Brew.

Tavern Sports BarView In Map
: Huanan Country Garden Main Entrance, Panyu Dadao Bei, Guangzhou (next to the ICBC)
地址: 广州番禺迎宾路华南碧桂园大门右侧
Tel: 020 8550 3038

5) Fisherman’s New Village Restaurant

Reportedly the biggest seafood restaurant in the world (although we’re yet to find official reports), Fisherman’s New Village Restaurant is definitely a place to take overseas visitors. The seafood restaurant is within a five story complex that even houses a collection of motorbikes and cars in the foyer! The restaurant also houses live seafood – absolutely anything you can imagine – including crocodiles and snakes – in an area so huge it makes you feel like you are walking in a zoo rather than choosing your dinner. Like other restaurants that hold live seafood, it is rather amazing to see your choice alive one minute and then cooked up into a delicious meal the next. With excellent service, clean surroundings, reasonable prices and the ability to hold up to 4000 people, Fisherman’s New Village is an interesting place to take visitors to Guangzhou.

Fisherman’s New Village Restaurant渔民新村酒店 View In Map
Add: 559 Yingbin Lu, Panyu District Guangzhou (Near Panyu Qiao Da Qiao)
Tel: 020 2287 8811

6) Visit the Chimelong Resort Park

Panyu is probably most known for all the Chimelong fun parks. The entertainment facilities include an amusement park which holds the Tenth Ring Roller Coaster – a shared record holder for the roller coaster with the most inversions, a water park, a circus, a zoo, a safari park and a crocodile park. However, don’t feel like these parks are only suitable for children – people of all ages will enjoy what’s on offer and have a lot of fun!

Chimelong Parks View In Map
Add: Yingbin Lu, Panyu District, Guangzhou 
Opening hours: 09:30 - 19:00
Price: From 180 RMB adult/90 RMB child to 320 RMB adult/180 RMB child depending on how many of the parks you will visit. 
Getting there:
By Subway: Go to Hanxi Changlong Metro Station, Line 3 and follow the signs.
By Bus: Bus No. 221, 247, 512, 562 all go to the park.

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