Sichuan, China's Earthquake-One year later

Sichuan, China's Earthquake-One year later
May 13, 2009 By Andrea Hunt ,

It’s been exactly a year May 12 since Sichuan’s horrific earthquake literally shook through China’s very core and shattered through the lives of so many millions. People lost loved ones, their homes and their spirits. The worst earthquake in over 30 years, the better known as Wenchuan Earthquake, is far from a memory to those who still have not been able to put back together the pieces of their lives.

Devastation from Sichuan Earthquake
Photo: Miniwiki

Over the last few days, new estimates as high as 5, 335 missing children have surfaced in China’s media, a startling reminder of the tragedy that cannot yet heal. These days are ones of remembrance and ones in which to keep those families affected in our thoughts. Even despite everyone’s great generosity in donations to the economically debilitated area as well as the many people who have personally gone and helped this afflicted region, the fact is that this was one of China’s most tragic events in recent history.

Even still, there are many unanswered questions and a lot of pain as people try to find answers and solutions in Sichuan so they can move forward. It is a reminder of how fragile we really are but a testament to China’s unifying spirit to rebuild what was destroyed and heal from the pain of those who were lost.
From all of us at, our hearts go out to the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake and the lives that were affected.


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