Beijing to Start Trialling Social-Credit Based Subway Access

Beijing to Start Trialling Social-Credit Based Subway Access
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Beijing is to begin trialling a system whereby passengers with good social credit ratings are exempt from security checks at the city’s subway stations. The controversial social credit system, which has been likened to dystopian TV series Black Mirror by Western media, would be used to give “honest” passengers perks, according to an article in the Global Times.

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As part of the trial, which will apparently be taking place at several Beijing subway stations, passengers pre-approved by an app will be able to pass through security with small bags without the need to have them scanned.

Passengers who have used the subway system more than 10 times can apply to take part via the Yitongxing app, which will scan their face and check their credit score before approving or rejecting them for the fast-track system. Any passenger found to have engaged in “uncivilized behavior” on public transport, such as eating or carrying prohibited items, would be rejected.

An anonymous Beijing subway staff member told the Global Times that the system is still in its testing phase and under discussion. A similar scheme is believed to have already been trialed at the city’s Fuchengmen station in 2019 and at Guangzhou stations in 2018, however.

Xie Yongjiang of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication denied that the proposed system is an abuse of big data and insisted it would help ease congestion at stations. He conceded, however, that legal clauses on the app should be carefully followed to avoid privacy violations and data leaks.

Beijing subway served 12 million passengers per weekday before the Covid-19 outbreak, according to official data.

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