I’ve Lost My Train Ticket in China! What Should I Do?

I’ve Lost My Train Ticket in China! What Should I Do?
Jun 22, 2016 By eChinacities.com

Editor's Note: It's easy to lose the business-card sized train tickets from point A to point B. Not too long ago, the story of a student from Chengdu that left his train ticket on the train went viral because he was not allowed to exit the train station unless he bought a replacement. This seemed unfair to many netizens that could relate. "Why does he have to buy a replacement? He's already arrived at his destination!" It turns out there is actually a good reason why you need to buy a new ticket if you misplace it. The translated article explains why, and what you should if you lose yours.

What should you do if you lose your train ticket in China? This issue recently became a hot topic on the Chinese Internet after a student from Chengdu reported to the media that he was forced to buy a new ticket after he lost his. Hu questioned the system for purchasing train tickets in China to the media. The public questioned why passengers must purchase replacements for lost tickets when the original ticket was purchased using the real-name registration system.

Are There Records?
Beijing Youth Daily reported that the Ministry of Railways states that the train operator will provide a replacement if a passenger loses their ticket before or during the train trip. However, if a passenger loses their ticket after they get off the train, the operator has no way of verifying that the claim is legitimate and the passenger must purchase a new ticket.

On June 10, Hu and his friend traveled to Hua Shan from Xi’an. He returned to Xi’an on June 14. When Hu arrived at the Xi’an Railway Station, he noticed his ticket was missing. Passengers must swipe their tickets to exit the station. Station staff told him that he needed to purchase a replacement ticket.

Hu said that he had purchased the original ticket using real-name registration. He said that his ID information was in the records, and staff should be able to check the purchase. Currently, tickets can be retrieved using real-name registration, but only within a certain window of time.

Getting a Free Replacement
If a passenger loses their ticket in the station, they are able to obtain a new ticket. They have until 20 minutes before the ticket window for their trip closes to obtain a new ticket. Passengers can report the loss at the ticket window and get a new ticket.

To get a new ticket, passengers must present their original valid ID, the date of travel, the station they are traveling to, and other information. Staff will confirm the passenger’s ticket and seat and the passenger will pay the price of the new ticket.

When the passenger receives their new ticket, they should also receive a record of the transaction. When they arrive at their destination, they can present their passenger record, new ticket, and valid ID at the station within 24 hours to receive a refund for their second ticket.

If a passenger loses their ticket on the train, they can purchase a standing room ticket on the train (since staff cannot know if they had a seat or a standing room ticket). If the passenger finds their lost ticket, they will be refunded for the new ticket at the station. If this happens, passengers must tell train staff they found their ticket, and they will receive a passenger record to file a claim at the station and receive a refund.

Purchasing a Replacement Ticket
If the passenger realizes their ticket is lost after arriving they must buy a replacement at the station. Passengers who report their lost ticket after arrival will not receive a refund. This is because staff are not able to confirm is passengers have really lost their tickets or are trying to evade fares.

Here is an example of why this rule is in place: Xiao Wang purchases a ticket from Beijing to Changchun. His companion Xiao Li is also taking the same train, but Xiao Li only purchases a ticket from Beijing to Tangshan North. When the train reaches Changchun, Xiao Wang gives his ticket to Xiao Li and lets him go out first. The station does not check ID cards, and Xiao Li is able to use Xiao Wang’s ticket to exit. Xiao Wang gets off and claims that he lost his ticket. The records show that Xiao Wang purchased a ticket using real-name registration. However, the railway company cannot determine whether Xiao Wang actually lost his ticket. Therefore Xiao Wang is made to purchase a replacement.

Source: IFeng

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