6 China News Websites That Don’t Require A VPN

6 China News Websites That Don’t Require A VPN
Aug 24, 2017 By Crystal Wilde , eChinacities.com

With the Great Firewall and the latest crackdown on VPNs, you might be starting to worry about where to get reliable China news without a VPN. Here are six great news site that aren’t (currently) blocked by the Chinese government. How long they enjoy such special status, however, is anyone’s guess.



The UK’s public service broadcaster has eons of proper British stuffiness and respectability to back up its reporting. It’s known as reliable, unbiased and features all the biggest China stories, daily. The BBC won’t shy away from issues considered sensitive to the Chinese government particularly, but as the majority of the Chinese public has probably never heard of them they’re no doubt seen as not worth blocking.


CNN’s China section isn’t updated as much as we’d like, but for in-depth, unusual feature stories and fantastically shot and reported videos, this is the place to go. CNN only has a small team in China but they get around a lot and produce some really great content. However, being an American organization, their coverage can be rather Western focused.

The Telegraph

British newspaper the Telegraph has a nice little online China section that’s currently accessible without a VPN. It’s an engaging mixed bag of hard news, weird news, features and opinion pieces. You’re only likely to see one or two new stories a day here though, if that, so it’s more of a dip-in, dip-out option than a daily bulletin.

The Economist

The Economist also doesn’t usually have fresh content daily, but when it does put out a story it’s always in-depth, well researched and well written. You can count on the Economist for interesting and new angles on China business and economic sectors.

The Guardian

Another well trusted and highly respected British news institution is the Guardian, which has a lively and current China section that remains unblocked in the Middle Kingdom. Here you’ll find the best news of the day, features, photo stories, opinion and original reporting. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Sixth Tone

Sixth Tone is a fantastic China-based website, and is therefore lightening fast without a VPN. You’re not going to get the big international-focused China news stories here, but you will find really great original reporting and untold stories from all over China. If you want a more inward looking culture and people-centric news website, Sixth Tone will be your jam.

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