10 Must-Have-Apps in China

10 Must-Have-Apps in China
Apr 11, 2016 By Sarah105 , eChinacities.com

Are you upset about not being able to use some apps due to the Chinese internet restriction? Here is a list of some Chinese replacement apps that might help make your life easier. In the future, you could watch for RINGY's guidelines for these apps. (RINGY is a wechat official account that provides free instant interpretations by real human beings. Search 'ringyringy' to follow them)

1) WeChat: China's Whatsapp Equivalent. 
Required Chinese level: None

 2) Baidu Map: China’s Google Maps
Required Chinese level: A little

By only entering your location and destination, Baidu map shows you the easiest way of going there and how much time it takes for different methods, including public transportation, walking, and driving.

Tips: You may want to get addresses from your friends or type in the pinyin of the address (choose the first one that comes out ). Knowing the names of some major streets will be very helpful too, since all the names on the map are Chinese.

You could also check out WeChat official account 'ringyringy' to ask for address translation, isn't it cool?!

3) Alipay: China's PayPal Equivalent
Required Chinese level: None

You can use Alipay on Taobao for anything you want. There are also more and more shops accepting this payment in person. Transferring money, paying up credit cards, and all sorts of city services like utilities are also accessible on it.

Tips: Ringy will guide you how to set up an account later on. Stick with them to receive our upcoming guidelines on how to master the app.

4) Taobao: China's No.1 Online Shopping App / China's Ebay/Amazon 
Required Chinese level: Master level for setting up the account, but as for the user process it’s quite easy. If everything seems too complicated to you, again, ask the WeChat account 'ringyringy' for help.

Almost anything that you can imagine is available on Taobao. You can buy almost any kind of product ranging from clothes to digital electronics, furniture, and decoration to a real house! You can even request services including visa application, electric repairs and such. Once you complete ordering, the shipping process can take anywhere from 2-4 days to up to a month depending on the shop, delivery method, and location.

5) Soufang Wang (from Fang.com): Real Estate App/China’s Zillow 
Required Chinese level: Master level

By entering requirements such as cost range, location, or area, you don't need to spend a whole afternoon going to places but simply viewing pictures of potential apartments. Keep in mind that many of the listed apartments will be “fakes,” but they will at least put you in touch with a local Chinese agent that knows your requirements.

6) Dianping: China's Yelp Equivalent
 Required Chinese level: Basic

On Dianping, you can look for restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, massage places, hospitals, hotels and so on with the filter set to what you want. You can also make reservations for these places or take a queue number ahead of time on the app instead of being bothered to wait in line for hours.

7) Didi Taxi: China's Uber (with more functions)
Required Chinese level: Basic, but be prepared to speak Chinese to the driver that will inevitably call you.

There are obviously so many taxis running on the road but why can't you catch one? The fact is that smart phone booking apps have become popular in the market. Using Didi Taxi, you can call up a taxi or a private car, arrange for private car pooling, and even make reservations for it. Any of these options you choose will go directly to the driver.

8) Ayi Bang: House Cleaning Service App
 Required Chinese level: Basic

By using the unfortunately titled “Ayi Bang,” you can hire an Ayi from 25-30 yuan per hour without stepping out of your house or making any phone call! Putting your address and appointment time, you can choose an Ayi from different places. Some of them can even cook for you.

Tips: Ringy has another article of how to use Ayibang. I will post it later or you could read it in their history article. Search WeChat official account 'ringyringy' to know more about it.

9) Sohu TV (from http://tv.sohu.com/): China's TV Show Stream
Required Chinese level: A little

Chinese internet is restricted in many ways but most of the movies and dramas are always free to stream. Usually the resources are updated and high quality.

10) Xiami Music/ QQ Music: China's Pandora (free)
Required Chinese level: A little
Again, somehow the internet is restricted but the streaming music is free. You can share your favorite songs to Chinese social platforms such as QQ, WeChat friends, WeChat moments, Weibo, etc.

Being in China doesn’t mean less leisure. Start spoiling yourself with all these apps! Also follow that WeChat official account 'ringyringy' to have an easier life in China!

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Similar to all other "best Apps for China" lists except this one is a promotion for "Ringyringy" instead of Yespo & Expats Express. Who came up with the name though? Ringyringy sounds like something a 5-year old made up, bit like Boaty Macboatface!

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I know a good few friends who would be certainly interested to do an ayi bang. I must pass the details on to them. Those older more experienced ones are usually the best.

Apr 08, 2016 12:20 Report Abuse



A useful little article. Most of them I've tried and then uninstalled as the app causes more problems that it solves. Never heard of Ayi Bang, but it sounds like it could be useful. Will give it a go.

Apr 08, 2016 12:04 Report Abuse



more apps for being a better nong

Apr 08, 2016 10:20 Report Abuse



Thanks alot!

Apr 08, 2016 07:29 Report Abuse



The only app you need is a reliable VPN.

Apr 08, 2016 07:23 Report Abuse



Not having WeChat if you actually live in China and use a smartphone is pretty silly.

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Ayi "bang"....

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Yeah, I laughed at that too. I guess it is an app for hiring older escorts.

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