Learn to Relax with Dalian’s Top Spas

Learn to Relax with Dalian’s Top Spas

There is perhaps no city in China that takes spas as seriously as Dalian. Drawing on the onsen-spa tradition established during the Japanese occupation, spas have been an integral part of Dalian life since the early 1900s. Today, heavy interest from the Japanese, Korean and local Chinese community has helped to continue the development of spas and spa culture throughout the city.

Karen International Spa Club 大连凯伦国际温泉俱乐部 View In Map
A joint-venture between the Dalian Karen Hotel and the Japanese Ywan Yue Company, the Karen International Spa Club spares no expense to provide a quality spa experience. Unlike other local spas, the water used at the International is completely drawn from the Dagushan hot spring. Accordingly, not only can you enjoy a relaxing hot shower but can also receive the health benefits associated with the natural minerals in the water. The spa includes both outdoor and indoor spa bathing areas that include showering facilities and soaking pools. In addition, guests have access to a wide range of massage therapies, from foot and hand massages to acupuncture. If you’re looking for a little entertainment after a steam bath and shower, the International has an onsite Internet cafe, game room (with ping pong tables, pool and fuzzball), children’s entertainment centre and restaurant. Ticket prices vary according to the services and sections you choose.

Add: 17 Haibin Lu, Dalian Development Zone, Dalian
Tel: 0411 8733 2518
Price: RMB 89/person

Ruby Spa and Bath 大连红宝石洗浴文化中心 View In Map
As one of Dalian's most popular spas, Ruby incorporates Korean spa technology to bring a wide range of amenities at a decidedly affordable price. Ruby's is separated by floor and room and while the bathing facilities are separated by gender, the saunas are co-ed. Ruby's bathing facilities are immaculately clean and include a showering area, two hot pools of varying degrees, and a steam room. Additionally, there is an open massage section where masseuses are available on request and at no extra fee. On a separate floor but accessible from the male and female bathing areas is Ruby's restaurant, with Chinese and Korean offering as well as a full drink list. On the same floor you'll find Ruby's sauna, which includes a larger room where you can sweat out your stress as you watch movies. There is also a smaller "steam bath room", as well as a separate "cool down" area. Prices range from 49 to 55 RMB per person. Washing towels are provided as well as robes for the dining and sauna area.

Add: 69 Changjiang Donglu, Zhongshan District, Dalian
Tel: 0411 8273 4999
Price: RMB 49/person 

Cloud Water Spa at the Shizhouyunshui Hotel 十洲云水酒店 View In Map
Matching the idea of a hotel with a spa experience, Cloud Water has 12 separate rooms each offering different functions. The "salt brick" steam room, for example, incorporates natural salt bricks with steam to draw out acidic pollutants from the body in a natural manner. Similarly, in the "urn bath", guests are covered in a special mix of minerals and soil that not only draws toxins from the body but also moistures and nourishes the skin at the same time. A popular room is the "jade tree field", where guests can sit, lie and rest on pure jade stones that allow guests to naturally cool down without fans or air-conditioning. Cloud Water also offers more traditional spa amenities such as showers and baths. Guests have access to other hotels services such as the in-house restaurant. Tickets to the spa range from 49 to 59 RMB per person.

Add: 839 Changjiang Lu, Shahekou District, Dalian
Tel: 0411 8886 8888 ext. 8008
Price: RMB 48/person

Anbo New Paradise Spa Resort 安波新乐园温泉 View In Map
Designed in the style of a traditional Japanese ryokan, the New Paradise offers comfortable accommodation that incorporates spa culture into almost every facet of your stay. There are over 30 large and small open-air hot spring baths where you can enjoy the fresh outside air as you soak in water ranging between 40 and 75 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the resort offers a poolside restaurant as well as several indoor spring baths. The adventurous are recommended to try the "kissing fish" pool where for 15 minutes you can soak in a pool filled with fish whose movement around you results in a massage like sensation and easing of muscle tension. The resort offers a range of spa packages including the standard package which includes a one-night stay in a double room, complimentary breakfast and access to all the spa facilities for 298 RMB. If you don't feel like staying over night, spa access tickets are available for 69 RMB.

Add: Anbo New Paradise Spa Resort, Pulandian City, Liaoning Province
Tel: 0411 3962 2688

Golden Lily Spa 大连金百合洗浴中心 View In Map
If you are looking for a classic Dalian spa experience, consider the Golden Lily. In addition to your standard spa amenities such as bathing facilities, sauna, steam room and massage services, the Golden Lily also has a teahouse, karaoke room, piano bar and private VIP lounge rooms. And if that is not enough, the Golden Lily even has its own movie theatre and reading lounge. Tickets are 49 RMB per person and include complimentary buffet service.

Add: 17 Yinghua Street, Huanghe Lu, Zhongshan District, Dalian
大连中山区黄河路英华街17 号
Tel: 0411 8364 4999
Price: RMB 49/person

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