Zhang Xiaoyu: The new star of Chinese female body art

Zhang Xiaoyu: The new star of Chinese female body art
Apr 23, 2009 By eChinacities.com

Photo: Baidu.com

The world of female body art is something that has taken off in quite a big way in China over the last few years. Bookshops up and down the country, not to mention countless websites promote the art form which provides the viewer with access to the female form in order to full appreciate its beauty and so as to be able to attempt to recreate it in various medium of art.

Zhang Xiaoyu (张筱雨), if you search her name on Baidu, you can discover that she is 20 years old and comes from Heilongjiang, in north east China. She has caused a small scandal on the internet in China for having a photo shot done called ‘Daring’, in which she stripped naked and fully exposed her vagina to the world – all, of course, in the name of art.

She doesn’t really count as super famous yet, and I came across her on the internet in one of my random searches for female body art. Female body art, for those of you unfamiliar with this medium, is quite popular in China as an art form showing naked or semi-naked women demonstrating the many shapes and sizes of a woman’s form.

Zhang is making a name for herself mainly because she more beautiful than Tang Fang (汤芳). However, Zhang has many enemies who consider her to be shameless. And I know that even though a lot of people would not say it, it is what a lot of people are thinking.

There will always be people who take the moral high ground on this, and that is very sad. She is just an ordinary girl who laughs when she’s happy and cries when she’s sad and is holding out for true love.

Zhang Xiaoyu also loves art, that indescribable love. When listening to music or writing she also feels an indescribable happiness. Indeed, it was while taking part in her first life-drawing show that she got interested in body art and the beauty of her own body.

She doesn’t regret the move into body art and the fame she is starting to attract. She doesn’t want fame, she just wants to show off her body for the thing of beauty that it is. It really doesn’t matter who put the first one on the web, it’s out of anyone’s control now. 

One Netizen’s comment read like this: Zhang Xiaoyu is adding to the beauty of Tang, and is following on from Tang Fang’s MET-ART magazine photos as a female body form model from China. Zhang Xiaoyu’s youthful beauty and extensive display has led to a lot of jealousy but has also shown that Chinese models are getting international exposure. They are showing the sprit and bravery required of international level super-models.

There is really no need to look on Xiaoyu with disgust. She is merely showing off to the world the beauty of the modern Chinese woman. In clear and warm light she is letting her strength and confidence shine through, not to mention her healthy and bumptious and womanly figure and curves that she has been so very well blessed with. Zhang Xiaoyu, your courage I respect and your beauty I am in awe of, I full support you!

With women like this we will make all those Korean models jealous. Indeed, this art form is very similar to the Japanese AV model art. Wit Zhang Xiaoyu as an example of the female form, she is a standard for us all to salute.

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