YouTube Channel Asks What Chinese People Think of White People

YouTube Channel Asks What Chinese People Think of White People
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YouTube channel Asian Boss hit the streets of Shanghai to find out what Chinese people think of white people, with some interesting results. The channel, which has more than 774,000 subscribers, interviewed locals about their general impression of white people and their perception of white people’s standing in the local job market and their appearance.

One man interviewed described white people as having “good manners”, while a woman said she originally thought Caucasians to be “nonchalant”, but later found them to be “very caring and sincere”.

When it came to their standing in the Chinese job market, white people were described by the interviewees as being more desirable to employers as they come across as “more knowledgeable”, “better educated”and “well mannered”.

“If we applied for the same job, it would probably be more likely for the white person to get it because people think being a foreigner is something special,” one man attested.

Moving on to talk about appearance, the interviewer asked her charges if they thought white people were better looking than Chinese people.“The fact that they have big eyes and long eyelashes leaves me with a good impression,” said one woman. “White people have better facial features than us. We can’t deny that,” added a man.

When talking about skin colour, however, the responses were a little more mixed. While the majority of the women in the video admitted to using a lot of skin whitening products because they said white skin is “prettier” and looks “more clean and gentle”, one woman said she’s happy the way she is.‘When I was little people used to tell me my skin was too dark, but I never thought I was ugly. I really like my skin tone,” she said.

One of the men interviewed also suggested that men with pale skin could be seen as weak and unathletic. He added that he thinks Chinese ideals of beauty will change in the future.“Nothing lasts forever. Things that are trending now will be out of style later,” he said.

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