Woman Takes Outdoor Nude Photos Along Bund And Throughout Shanghai

Woman Takes Outdoor Nude Photos Along Bund And Throughout Shanghai
Oct 11, 2013 By eChinacities.com

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Over the National Week holiday, a series of photos entitled “Surprising nude photos taken along Hengshan Road of beautiful woman” attracted much attention online from netizens. In these photos, a young woman can be seen lifting up her skirt along Hengshan Road as well as completely in the nude. These pictures clearly show that the young woman has taken off all her clothes and runs around naked in the streets in the still and dark night, completely ignoring the pedestrians that occasionally pass her by.

Since Hengshan Road is a street famous in Shanghai for its bar scene, many netizens guessed that this woman lost her inhibitions after becoming drunk with alcohol, and was taking pictures for an extra kick. However, another woman with the same naked appearance as the woman who first went streaking along Hengshan Road can now be seen in two additional sets of nude pictures posted online. Locations in these new sets include famous Shanghai landmarks such as the Bund and Xintiandi.

Later photos indicate that the extent of nudity displayed by this woman is increasing; her ‘flaunt it all’ tendencies have gotten to the point where she now adopts many different poses in public places like the viewing platform at the Bund with the Oriental Pearl Tower in the background, all taken from many different camera angles.

Many netizens have analyzed the pictures to say that judging from her figure and body type, the person seen in the three sets of nude photographs is likely the same woman and that her actions were sober and deliberate. Many people suspect there is a motive behind her crazy behavior: is it for artistic reasons? Or is this some kind of marketing hype?

The funniest twist to the story however is the police involvement. Media outlets are stating that police are trying to find this woman to put an end the obscenity once and for all. It’s a crazy world indeed!

Source: iFeng

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with air pollution getting so bad, we need something to look out while outside to brighten up our day :-D

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