The Ten Safest Cities in China

The Ten Safest Cities in China
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Overall, compared to many other countries, China is an extremely safe place. But even amongst Chinese cities there are variations in safety and public security. Looking for the ten safest cities in China? Look no further, here they are.


No.1 Beijing Security Index: 10 
The capital leads in many areas and public security is one of them. Just like American politicians like to go to Washington where 911 is quite far away from them, for many Beijing is considered the safest place in China.


No.2 Shanghai Security Index: 10
Shanghai is the capital of China’s economy and so public security is a top priority. Shanghai has good public security (high efficiency on the part of the government is an important factor), which is also one of the secrets behind Shanghai’s leading role in the Chinese economy.


No.3 Nanjing Security Index: 9.5
Jiangsu’s top city in terms of public security. Nanjing’s deep historical background as the ancient capital for six dynasties makes it a city based around simple folk customs.



No.4 Hangzhou Security Index: 9.5
A city that’s experienced staggering economic development; where a combination of good timing and the right people have earned the “good reputation of heaven.”


No.5 Qingdao Security Index: 9.0
One of the best examples in northern China of good economic development and low unemployment greatly contributing to stable public security in the city.


No.6 Xinyu Security Index: 9.0
Many people have little knowledge of this city, but many experts have evaluated this city very highly. No city in China besides Xinyu would dare change the entrances to all its stores to beautiful glass doors. In recent years, theft and robbery are rare here, proving the its deserved reputation for public safety.



No.7 Meizhou Security Index: 8.5
The original home of China’s Hakka minority, for centuries people here have enjoyed a leisurely and carefree style of living. The locals are friendly and the historical footprints, remnants of the city’s ancient past, and easy life makes Meizhou a very peaceful city.


No.8 Zhoushan Security Index: 8.0
A rich city with a small and stable population. The combination of wealth and few temporary workers contributes to the excellent public security.


No.9 Weihai Security Index: 8.0
Founded on the promise of making the “city that is most suitable for human living.” A firm hand on environment and public security go hand in hand in Weihai, creating an environment which seems relaxed and uncontrolled but is stable and safe.



No.10 Tianjin Security Index: 8.0
People in Tianjin are humble and down to earth. You can see people shouting on the street in Tianjin, but you can never see people fighting here. In addition, Tianjin has been very welcoming to migrant populations, thus preventing the tensions that plague some Chinese cities. Therefore, policemen in Tianjin are quite laidback. The relaxed character of Tianjin’s inhabitants determine the safe and leisurely nature of this city.

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From Australia - Firstly Chinese are more friendly whey they learn we're not American. When you take the time to learn some local language you get more respect. I am here with my whole family and we simply love China and the Chinese people. The food the mad traffic (where we are also mad... And hear so many expats bitchin "coz it's not like home" Love it or Leave it" EASY !!

Jun 21, 2012 22:56 Report Abuse



It's the law of attraction... I've travelled to China for 7 years now and Hong Kong was the only place I encountered rude people and they were Indian nationals.
Please stay home in whatever country you feel most comfort -

Jun 21, 2012 22:48 Report Abuse



Chinese people don't like black people - they don't know why...

Jun 21, 2012 22:51 Report Abuse


just another laowai

hangzhou might be a beauty full city for its nature but from a human point of view is just a trash bin filled with many uneducated, xenophobic and arrogant people who become too quick rich (and u can see it not only by the way they dress but also by their behavior which may picture out a 50yr history not at all 5000...).

So i surely i have to agree after one year here that its not really what i would call a friendly city. I never got physical in here (mainly because I don't want to pay what i destroyed), but i surely can say that here people, probably mostly waidiren are in a way xenophobic towards people with different skin color.

I got an argue with a taxi driver once i came back from HK and i had to stay at the police station for 3 hrs while these policeman were trying to solve the issue. How they solve it? By letting us there and asking us every 30 minutes whats happened. They treat me with the visa issue (we could cancel ur visa) and all the bulsshit along. Just now i know that basically they couldn't do anything.

anyway screw hangzhou, as soon as i can i will leave it for some kind of civilization , either shanghai or beijing.

Jun 28, 2012 19:03 Report Abuse



If someone diliberately starts to walk into you push them out of the way. .When someone walks in front of me and cuts me off I love to kick their heal and make them trip on their own feet like when we were kids.
ha ha did I do that?
Next time take those sticks and stick them into the spokes of the bike. They will get the message. They don't want to fight you just intimidate you. Don't let them.

Oct 10, 2012 05:03 Report Abuse