More Details On Who Will Receive Covid Anal Swabs Revealed

More Details On Who Will Receive Covid Anal Swabs Revealed
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More details about who will receive the dreaded anal swab Covid-19 tests upon entering china have been revealed this week. After first coming to the public’s attention in January, when it was revealed that some key workers and overseas returnees were being asked to take their Covid-19 tests via the rectum as opposed to the nose or throat, the invasive testing mode has been in the news again this week.

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On Monday, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Katsunobu Kato called on China to stop inflicting such tests on its citizens as they were causing “great psychological pain.” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded, confirming that China has indeed adjusted its Covid-19 prevention measures.

State media The Global Times has since released an article outlining more clearly who will likely be required to undergo anal swabbing and in which circumstances. According to the report, several cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao, are currently requesting the tests from international arrivals before the end of their quarantine period. However, the procedure, which involves inserting a cotton swab three to five centimeters into the rectum and rotating it for 10 seconds, is not currently compulsory in all Chinese cities.

A spokesperson for the Shanghai Center of Disease Control told the newspaper that travelers from countries where the virus is rife or those unfortunate enough to have been on a plane where five or more people have tested positive for Covid-19 would be required to endure the anal swab alongside nose/throat swabs and blood and phlegm tests. A representative from Beijing’s Daxing district Epidemic Control Department also confirmed that the anal swabs would be taken from “general international travelers” on the 14th and 21st days after arrival.

Last week, the US Department of State complained that its diplomats were being subjected to anal swab tests. This was, however, denied by Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian, who said such an event never took place, “to my knowledge.”

The anal swabs are considered more accurate by many experts as Covid-19 lingers in the digestive tract longer than it does in the nose or throat.

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Having à foreign utensil inserted into ones rectum against their will is rape...Its a form of buggery...soddomites !!

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some places u gotta pay extra for that

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