Man’s Condom Breaks While Visiting Prostitute, Asks Police to Check Her for AIDS

Man’s Condom Breaks While Visiting Prostitute, Asks Police to Check Her for AIDS
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A Hubei man contacted police after a condom broke during a visit with a prostitute. The man was terrified that he may have contracted AIDS from the prostitute, and asked police to verify whether the woman was ill. Jingshan county police found that the women had no STDs, and both the man and the women were detained by police.

Mr. Cao, 38, is originally from Anhui but works in Xinshi, Jingshan in Hubei. On December 23, he visited a 28 year old prostitute surnamed Yin. During their encounter, the condom broke. Cao worried that Yin had AIDS, and called the Jingshan police to ask them to check if Yin was a registered AIDS patient.

Police arrested Yin on the 25th for prostitution, and brought her to the hospital for an examination. All tests for STDs came back negative.

Cao and Yin were both given 10 day administrative detention, and Yin was fined 3,000 Yuan.


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You can test for HIV antibodies after two weeks.

Dec 29, 2015 06:57 Report Abuse



you can only test hiv after 6 month

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far less than 6 months now, however, he couldnt have sex for a while until the test for himself came out negative..... consequences are a bitch!

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