Man Accused of Robbing and Raping His Wife Aquitted

Man Accused of Robbing and Raping His Wife Aquitted
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A man from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, decided to teach his wife a lesson about the dangers of messaging app WeChat, or perhaps more accurately how dangerous he could be. He noticed that she spent a lot of her time on the app talking to unknown men and became concerned about what might happen if she met up with one of them.

So, on December 18, he decided to break into his own home, wearing a leather mask, and then robbed and raped her. His wife didn’t know it was him at first and when she found out she took him to court for rape and theft. The court acquitted him of both charges because it was his own wife, so it can’t be rape, and it was his own property, so it can’t be theft. Urh…WHAT?


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I'm not siding with the husband because his PRANK was kind of extreme, but I would like to clarify something. THE COURT WAS RIGHT. If you don't agree, then you don't understand marriage--The woman in this article isn't ready to be married...if she wasn't married then I think the man would be guilty of rape and theft, BUT THEY WERE MARRIED. By definition of rape, you cannot rape the willing. By definition of marriage, spouses MUST be willing AT ALL TIMES. By definition of theft, you cannot steal from yourself. By definition of marriage, all property is MUTUALLY OWNED. Now for my opinion, the wife has no business speaking to unknown men on WeChat--the fact she was doing it means she isn't ready to be married. If she wasn't able to predict how her husband would respond to her WeChatting, then she didn't know the man well enough to be married to him in the first place. I do not agree with what the husband did, but I do not think he should be punished for it. It was a lover's prank at best--not a crime. Again, the prank is far too harsh for my taste, but its the wife's fault it happened since she agreed to marry the guy...she should have seen it coming, but since she didn't--its only further proof that she should not have been married.

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raping a woman is NOT a prank, regardless if she is your wife or not. I would agree that probably neither was ready for marriage, and that her texting another man on WeChat was wrong on her part. However, that does not justify her being raped. Many men and women in China are ill-prepared for marriage in their 20's, and it is by and large the fault of 'tradition' and pressure from the family that many are married before they have the maturity to understand the realities and responsibilities of married life. However, this still does not justify what the husband did, and the verdict sends out the worst message possible to all husbands that it is ok to do that for to your wife.

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sigh..its their fuking family business..that guy probably dun want to wear a green hat..n the wifey probably thinking of stealing a bite of the forbidden fruit as she married too young and before she really had the fun of dating a couple of guys, she married the chap as these guys probably charm her with their fake concerns and care...Only young chaps like the husband would probably think like that, as usual impulsiveness and recklessness.

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Ah yes a return to the Biblical notion of women as property. Or maybe in China it's not a return but rather simply maintaining the status quo.

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both historically and administratively, the ideologies behind marriage registration in asia are largely just that.

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the fault lies in the approach taken by accusers. rather than arguing rape - which all things equal, is simply not a concept under a family law at this point, similar with female rape to a male victim - what could/should be argued are physical and emotional distress, false imprisonment and such. run of the mill lawyers won't really try to come up with such avenues.

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What does breaking and raping the wife has to do with teaching her a lessons because of prolonged use of wechat, what's the lesson she learned, she didn't invite a guy from wechat to her home, that guy's dumb stupid .omg

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Redundant. He's Chinese.

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LoL... the Chinese logic to solving a problem. Rape your wife and steal your own stuff before someone has the chance! That'll teach em....

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Just a lame excuse to enact his kinky personal fantasy. Some husbands don't even make the effort to concoct one. With the emotional maturity of locals, and the young age that they marry, I'm sure there are more women who experience marital rape as a matter of course.

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Agree with all of the above. Regarding domestic rape, my friend said (in relation to a different story) "but how can it be rape if they're married?" Sigh. I am saddened (but not surprised) that Chinese law endorses men raping their wives. Way to go China. The rest of us are in a different century.

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Your understanding of "marriage" is short-sighted, my friend. Your girlfriend asked an intelligent question--you should listen to her more. Can you rape yourself? NO. Can you steal from yourself? NO. By definition of rape, the person you are having sex with must NOT BE WILLING. By definition of marriage, the spouses must ALWAYS BE WILLING. Its just part of being married. Like it or not, when a woman marries a man, she agrees to possibilities such as the one in this article. The woman in this article CLEARLY was not ready to be in a marriage for 2 reasons: 1) She was texting other men on WeChat, 2) She thinks what her husband did was considered rape--she just doesn't understand marriage. All this man is guilty of is PRANKING HIS SPOUSE. His wife can file for divorce and then if he does it again she can call it rape and theft, but as long as they are married its her own fault for marrying the guy.

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