Jilted Fiancé Stalks Ex to Work Every Day, Refuses to Return Dowry

Jilted Fiancé Stalks Ex to Work Every Day, Refuses to Return Dowry
Mar 02, 2016 By eChinacities.com

A young woman in Fuzhou has had trouble getting back her dowry after breaking off her engagement. Instead, her ex-fiancé followed her around, bothering her and hoping she’d take him back. She got so fed up, she ended up calling in the Gulou district police on Saturday to help settle the matter.

Wang, 35, waited a long time to get married and had trouble finding a suitable partner. Shortly before the Spring Festival, he met a young woman named Zhang on a blind date. The two decide to get married after the Spring Festival, and agreed on a bride price of 66,000 Yuan.

However, Zhang soon broke off their engagement because of their age difference. Wang began following her to work every day, trying to get her back. Wang refused to return the bride price and kept it partially as a way to keep Zhang’s attention. He also said that he was following her to make sure she wasn’t seeing another man.

The police criticized Wang’s actions, and tried to persuade him to return Zhang’s money. The police recommended that if the two could not solve their issue, they take the matter to the courts. Wang apologized to Zhang and promised not to follow her every day. In the end, the two decided to deal with the matter privately.  

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With the gender imbalance of 35-1 against the males, a woman would never pay a man for anything in this country unless she were a leftover girl on the last leg of her ability to bear kids. This makes no sense at all. Details are missing, why is she giving him the bride fee? Shanghai women would have a field day with this woman's story if it is as we are reading it.

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wang, zhang needs some poontang. dang, zhang ain't getting no wang poontang.

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Wan Ke

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criticized! that oughta deter stalkers...

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