How Desk Napping in the Chinese Workplace Lead to Surgery

How Desk Napping in the Chinese Workplace Lead to Surgery
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Taking a nap at your desk is a common occurrence in the Chinese workplace, but it can damage more than just your productivity.

A office worker from Harbin surnamed Zhang found this out the hard way recently when she had to have surgery on her arm as she’d damaged the nerves by regularly using it as a pillow.

The 28-year-old would nap at her desk every day during her hour-long lunch break.

Her arm and hand would often feel numb and sore when she woke up but the symptoms would quickly dissipate.

However, one day the numbness in Zhang’s arm continued and she found herself unable to complete menial tasks such as picking up objects.

She went to see a doctor who told her she’d damaged the radial nerves in her arm by resting her head on it for long periods of time.

Such severe damage had affected movement in her fingers and wrist.

Although these symptoms can usually be treated with physical therapy, Zhang had ignored the problem for so long that surgery was the only option.

Doctors also warn that upright napping can stress the eyes, affect the digestive system and limit blood flow to the brain.

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