Homeless Squatter Lives in Man’s Attic Undetected for Three Months

Homeless Squatter Lives in Man’s Attic Undetected for Three Months
Jun 11, 2014 By eChinacities.com

A homeless man was discovered living in the storage space above someone’s apartment, after the resident noticed his door had been locked from the inside. The man had been squatting there secretly for three months, occasionally sneaking down to steal money that he found lying around the house.

The resident, Wang, had been feeling increasingly suspicious after he noticed that money and other items from around the house kept going missing without any signs of breaking and entering.

Wang eventually called the police on May 29, and the police searched the apartment. They noticed a hole in the ceiling of the kitchen, which they climbed through and discovered that a man had been living up there.

The squatter was identified as Zeng, and had lost his own home in March. He apparently was splitting his time between living at Wang’s and a neighbour’s house. He had accessed the attic space from outside.

During his time there, Zeng had stolen nearly 2,000 RMB in loose change and also used the kitchen to cook for himself when he was hungry.

Source: ecns.cn

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This is so creepy.... check all your corners at home haha

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funny !!

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who writes this shixxx, it took the police to find a hole in the ceiling big enough for someone to go through, let it out man for fuxx sake

Jun 11, 2014 22:24 Report Abuse



see. The Nazis weren't all blind. Anne just didn't sneak down and steal things. If you are good then the Nazis or the police in China won't find you either

Jun 11, 2014 21:53 Report Abuse



Did he wash the dishes he used too?

Jun 11, 2014 20:50 Report Abuse